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Unwind on a Forest Holiday

Last updated: 22/11/2023

We’re all for spending the day in the forest. But here’s a few reasons why a holiday in the forest could be just the tonic for you...

Nearly 50 years ago, Forest Holidays, was created by the Forestry Commission and since then, they’ve worked together to help people experience and connect with forests and each other.

The benefits of sleeping in the forest

Children running down a forest pathway

Forest Holidays are on a mission to connect as many people to nature as possible. Nature has the power to make us feel better. Staying overnight can have a real positive impact on mental well-being. 89% of their guests agreed and 89% felt better connected with nature during their stay.

We’ve always known the benefits of nature. The feeling of scrunching beechnuts underfoot. The specialness of gazing at the stars under the starry night sky. But you really have to feel the effects to believe it for yourself. Wherever you are in the UK there's a location close enough for a weekend getaway, and yet far away from the day-to-day.

It’s the best of British holidays

View of scenic landscape filled with Forest Holiday cabins

A Forest Holiday is one of the only place to discover your Forest Feeling – that’s the wonder of it. Cosy log cabins under the stars. Freedom to explore. Moments that are hard to repeat.

Where do you find your forest feeling? You feel it in the morning sun breaking through the tree tops, the birdsong on the breeze and the squelch of muddy wellies.

You feel it cosied up in a cabin surrounded by wild, windswept views and you feel it gazing up at the night sky from the warmth of your hot tub. It’s something different to everyone.

Forest Holidays and Forestry England’s relationship has a genuine positive impact


Approximately 19.5 hectares of meadow habitat is managed by Forest Holidays. Species are monitored through ecological surveys and ecological projects are championed through a Conservation Fund. They love using their business as a force of good.

Doing your bit to support the forest – and surrounding areas


Forest Holidays’ guests spend an estimated £22.9 million a year in local rural communities.  They like to celebrate all things local, encouraging their guests to explore the surrounding local area and uncover hidden gems. After all, a natural, unpackaged holiday experience, feels good.

The forest comes to life at night

Group of people stargazing in the forest on Forest Holidays experience

Every Forest Holidays location has a Forest Ranger. It’s all part of the experience.

Join one of the Forest Rangers for an adventure under the stars, just as the forest comes to life. Something magical happens when the sun goes down.  

Forest Rangers are experts in helping you have fun in the great outdoors. They’re bursting with passion for wildlife and know the forests like the palm of their hand. There’s an entire forest to explore... where do you start?

Spotted (...or heard) in the forest


From the blanket of bluebells in Blackwood, to the striking foxgloves of Sherwood, keep your eyes peeled as you amble through forest footpaths. If you’re feeling adventurous, forage your way through swathes of wild garlic in the Forest of Dean.  

Use your ears as much as your eyes as you wander. It’s magical just listening to the sounds of nature, it awakens the senses. What can you hear? The birds singing, leaves gently rustling, the buzz of bees around wildflowers. Allow the sounds to flow through you and feel its calming effects.  

The possibilities are endless

Woman in grey jumper on Go Ape treetop challenge experience

We know you love spending time in forests. There really is something for everyone. Zoom above the treetops at Go Ape. Trot through the forest on a pony trekking afternoon or relax together on a Vineyard tour in the Blackwood Forest (Hampshire) and Garwnant, Breacon Beacons. Let your spirits soar on a breath-taking microlight flight. Sync up with nature’s soothing rhythms with a Forest Bathing experience. Drift along the river in a canoe or go for a wild ride on a quad trekking expedition.

Whether you’re all about intrepid expeditions or laid-back relaxation, there’s something for everyone.

Freedom and fresh air with your dog

Family walking their dog on Forest Holiday

Forest Holidays know that more and more of you want your dog to come on holiday too. They know that your dog is very much part of the family, and they know that dogs love getting outside. 

At Forest Holidays your dog will be in heaven, snuffling through the leaves, collecting sticks, splashing in streams and of course, finding every muddy puddle.

If dogs could describe their idea of the perfect holiday, they would describe a doggy friendly Forest Holidays break

Find real natural wonder, real Forest Feeling

Scenic view of a forest holiday cabin

You deserve a proper holiday filled with real freedom, real fun and real moments. Where you can reconnect, refuel and run wild. A holiday where your morning soundtrack is birdsong, and your barbecues are bathed in the evening glow.

Head to one of Forest Holiday’s incredible locations and discover a world of real natural wonder, real forest feelings. They make every kind of staycation amazing.

Save 10% on your Go Ape adventure

Woman in orange on Go Ape zip line

Go Ape and Forest Holidays are passionate about creating unforgettable experiences in the Great Outdoors.

There are 9 Forest Holiday sites with a Go Ape location or two nearby. Forest Holidays guests can also save 10% off on all Go Ape adventures.    

Forest Holidays x Go Ape

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