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Five Ideas to Inspire you to get Active Outdoors

We all know that getting a bit more active would be really good for us. Undoubtedly you have been told about the advantages of exercise for your mental health, been tempted to lose a bit of weight or deep down you’d really like to feel a bit fitter. But then the gym seems somewhat intimidating, expensive and if you are really honest, a bit boring!


We agree with you! That’s why we reckon that getting active outdoors is the way to do it; lungs full of fresh air, real life workouts and the beauty of nature increase the benefits of exercise. There’s no membership fees and you can get started with very little equipment. To inspire you to get active through adventure we’ve come up with five outdoor ideas to freshen up your workouts on your journey to a fitter, healthier and happier you. 


1. Go Ape Adventures!

We’re not going too far outside our cabin door for our first idea! Go Ape adventures are a great full body workout, testing your muscular strength and endurance, as well as your cardiovascular fitness, balance and flexibility. You’ll discover muscles that you never even knew that you had, and that’s not to forget the increase in your heart rate as you swing like Tarzan through the trees and soar down our zip wires. Put all of that together with a unique appreciation of Britain’s best forests from the canopy, and you get the feel-good factor of an adventure that’s good for mind, body and soul.

We’ve got 35 Go Ape locations, find your nearest here.

2. Fitness Trails

Great Britain is literally covered in fitness trails, scattered amongst the forests and along the perimeter of your local park. We’re talking about those strange looking contraptions that aren’t quite children’s play equipment and certainly aren’t ornamental. Otherwise known as ‘trim trails’, they have a number of things going for them. First of all, they are free, all you need to get exercising is some suitable clothing and a bottle of water. Each activity is often accompanied with instructions of how to use it correctly and variations for a low, moderate and high intensity workout. Finally, they are designed to exercise every part of your body, and you can run or jog between stations to up the cardio factor.


3. Outdoor Swimming

Whether it's in a mountain tarn, a tranquil lake or somewhere along Britain’s majestic coastline, outdoor swimming has many health benefits. As well as a good full body workout, your body responds to a plunge into cold outdoor water by dilating your blood vessels, which in turn increases blood flow and cleanses your muscles of impurities. It also triggers a massive release of endorphins giving you a great feeling of wellbeing, and even better, if you swim regularly outdoors it’s proven to improve your tolerance to the cold and boost your immune system. If we’ve piqued your interest head over to Outdoor Swimming Society to find your nearest place of an outdoor dip and how to do so safely.


4. Get Closer to Nature at Twilight

If you are not currently doing much exercise or you are attempting to lose weight, then a good old-fashioned walk or a gentle jog is the perfect activity for you. Longer, low-intensity workouts are the path to burning some fat and taking those first steps into the world of getting active outdoors. Turn up the adventure on your activity by going out at sunrise or sunset, even in towns and cities you’ll significantly increase your chances of running into some of Britain’s wonderful wildlife.

If you happen to live near to a forest with a Go Ape site then we can personally testify that there are deer, foxes, birds of prey and many other creatures that come out to play in lower light. Not only great for your body, the breath-taking experience of coming face to face with wild animals is great for your mental health too.


5. Work on your Relationship with your Dog

Do you own one of Britain’s 9 million dogs? If you so then you’ve already found the perfect workout partner. Whether you prefer to walk, jog, run, cycle, ride or even swim, take along your four-legged friend for some additional companionship and inspiration to have fun getting active in the outdoors. 

We’re sure it’s no surprise to tell you that your dog needs regular exercise, but did you know that simply building a routine around your pet can lead to reduced stress levels and better sleep? Spending time with your dog is also proven to tackle depression and anxiety, giving you a renewed sense of purpose as well as getting you active.


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