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Overcoming a Fear of Heights


We challenged influencer 'From Roses' blogger Rebecca to face her fears at Go Ape Sherwood...

...Challenge accepted!

Like quite a few Go Ape adventurers, influencer and 'From Roses' blogger Rebecca has never been amazing with heights. She prefers to keep both feet firmly on the forest floor. In fact, as a regular visitor to Sherwood Forest with friends and family she'd gazed up at people completing the Go Ape course and thought awesome, but not for me. But, when we got in touch and offered her a Treetop Challenge experience she decided to face her fears and have a go. That’s what we like!

After being (quite literally) shown the ropes at the safety briefing, Rebecca headed up into the tree canopy. At that stage the nerves were taking over. In fact, there were times she felt she might have to turn back, especially at the Tarzan swings. Her feet definitely did not want to leave the safety of the platform! A series of pep talks helped replace the nerves with endorphins and, with a deep breath, she took that leap.

And at the end of the course? Rebecca says, "I felt on top of the world, like I could achieve anything. That's the most rewarding thing about doing something that scares you. When you step out of your comfort zone and succeed, it's exhilarating!"

After her adventure, Rebecca is recommending that everyone gets out there and gives it a go if they can. We agree!

Rebecca's top tips:

  • Wear clothes that you're not too precious about and trainers. 
  • If you have medium to long hair, it’s best to tie it up. 
  • Hand cream helps afterwards. Hands + ropes = a bit of chafing!



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