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Micro Scooters Overcoming Fears

Published on: 31/05/23

Guest Blog by Micro Scooters 

Obstacles are pretty daunting. First, it's walking, talking and running; all pretty essential. Before you know it, your kids are heading down ramps on their stunt scooters at the skate park and pleading to book the Treetop Challenge.

The truth is, adrenaline-fueled adventures never disappear. Thank goodness! Life would be pretty mundane without an adventure or two.

But how do you remove the bubble wrap and get children ready for some hair-raising thrills of their own? We teamed up with Micro Scooters, inventors of the original two-wheeled scooter that transformed the school run. Like us, they have been creating adventures for families for the last 20 years. Read this blog to find out their top tips on how to equip your child when presented with tricky challenges and get your kids adventure-ready before the weekend expeditions commence.

Grandfather and grandaughter on micrscooters

1. Be a good role model


It’s time to join the adventure. Children will always look to their parents to see how things should be done. Hanging back and not embracing the moment may suggest to a child that there is something to be wary of.

Children check in with you more than you think and take stock of your reactions, then they use these as a benchmark. Whether they’re starting adventures on their trike, learning to ride a two-wheeled scooter or tackling the high ropes or bouncy nets, it’s time to dust off your trainers and get involved.

2. Stay positive

Sometimes our kids surprise us by heading straight to the deep end. Don’t fear; it’s going to be okay. The language that we use is so important. Encouraging words and staying optimistic means our negativity isn’t transferred. Even if they take a tumble or misjudge how tricky the high ropes are, staying upbeat is the best way to ensure they soldier on through. If your child is embarking on their first scooting adventures, but you’re not quite ready for them to be fully immersed, you can equip them with safety accessories for extra piece of mind.

Father and daughter on a micro scooter adventure

3. Play

There is a point in life when some adults decide they are too old to play. It’s hard to imagine, right? But sadly, for some; life becomes a bit too serious.

If this is you, don’t panic, it’s easily undone. You can fall back into the world of play very easily. Outdoor games with rules can help children learn about boundaries, all whilst getting active. That’s a win: win in our book.   The euphoria of smaller achievements breeds a desire to accomplish bigger goals.

Young boy in white t-shirt and father in dark t-shirt

4. The bigger picture


Some pesky hurdles have a tendency to destabilise the whole adventure. They can even be enough to stop an experience completely. Time, patience and perseverance are all important skills that can ensure a positive outcome.

Including children in plans for a day out can help them to understand the real beauty of the adventure and will work wonders for their resilience. Scooting a mile on their trike to the park may seem daunting, so focus on the delight in the journey of getting there.

Research in advance and plan what’s needed for the high ropes presents the perfect opportunity to ask questions and communicate any fears well in advance.

This also sets parents up nicely to avoid any tears on the day. Tick!

5. Step back

Hands down, this is by far the hardest skill to hone. But children really do learn best when working through the problems themselves. They’ll develop creative thinking skills when presented with a conundrum.

So, take a step back and nurture from afar using suggestions that build on the child’s approach will work wonders in resolving any issue.

Family on micro scooter adventure

6. Time.


Very rarely obstacles are overcome straight away. We all need time to reflect and try again, even if it means abandoning the adventures for another day. Stay upbeat in these moments and positive even if the day has been cut short.

Reflect on the small wins, and teach children to try again without judgement.

Fun for all the family

Micro Scooters were created to make everyday journeys better. Better for today’s families. Better for our world.

Over 20 years later "make it better" is a shared goal that continues to drive all they do and in 2022 they became B Corp accredited and the first carbon neutral scooter company.

Safety first

The range of Swiss designed and engineered scooters are renowned for their durability.

Expertly crafted to be long lasting and robust, every single Micro Scooter undergoes a gauntlet of tests to ensure it can withstand the pressure a child or adult can throw at it.

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