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Our Top New Challenge Plus Crossings

Challenge Plus is Go Ape’s most challenging adventure yet, exclusively available at Go Ape Thetford, Sherwood and Cockfosters!

Challenge Plus is the ideal 'level up' for thrill-seekers over 16-year-olds (no supervisors required).

But what makes Challenge Plus different to Treetop Challenge? Well, it takes the thrills and skills even higher! Plus, there are a bunch of new crossings.

Here are some of our Tribe's favourites:



A spin on this old classic, try your best to cross over different height logs. To make things even more interesting, we’ve increased the wobble and got rid of the hand holds!

turtle bridge crossing

2. Cargo Bags


Channel your inner monkey as you leap from bag to bag with no footholds below you. Time to engage that core and test your hand strength – there is an offset safety line if you need a bit of extra support.



What makes a balance beam even more challenging? Swinging objects! Navigate the log balance whilst dodging the wrecking balls



A play on the classic button bridge, the Sherwood Crossing is the ultimate test of your core strength. Step from one swinging bridge to the next, we’re certain you’ll feel the burn by the other side!

5. The RINGS


A firm favourite, these classic rings have been dialled up for maximum challenge. The challenge and the degree of splits increases with the distance between the hoops!  

double stirrups crossing



Time to workout another area of your body. Feel the burn as you shuffle your way from one horse to the next. The horses even have saddles!

instructor on pommel horse

Step outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself on Go Ape’s most extreme adventure yet!

Are you ready for Challenge Plus?

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