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Fear of Heights Smashed!

Every Thursday at 8pm we're joining with you all to clap for our NHS workers doing battle on the frontline to defeat Coronavirus. We already knew that they were heores and the outbreak has only highlighted that further.

NHS worker Clair is a true example of that heorism, click the 'watch video' link above to see our full interview with her. She's on a mission to overcome all of the things that make her feel scared and so far that's included public speaking and travelling solo. We love Clair's approach to life, we think that we could all do to be a bit more like her!

Next up on Clair's list was her fear of heights. Before the lockdown we met up with her at Go Ape Sherwood Forest to help Clair turn 'I can't into I can' and smash that one out of the park too!

Click the link in the header to watch Clair's video.

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