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Soaring to New Heights at Go Ape

Published on: 08/02/2024

My Son's first Treetop Adventure Experience at Temple Newsam

As a home-working Digital Manager at Go Ape, my son Orlo has seen pictures and videos of Go Ape's high rope courses and always asks when he will be big enough to Go Ape.

Just before his fourth birthday, Orlo finally hit the magical height of 1m, unlocking a world of high-flying adventures.

To mark this special occasion, we headed to Go Ape Temple Newsam in Leeds to conquer their Treetop Adventure course. I've completed plenty of Go Ape experiences over the years, and despite this, I was pretty nervous, as Orlo's occasionally wary of heights. I was slightly concerned that he'd be scared on the course, but my worries were unfounded because the day turned out to be fantastic for both of us.

It quickly became the most memorable activity we've shared, and I felt an overwhelming sense of pride while helping him through the course. Keep on reading to find out what some of the highlights were.

Tricky Crossings


Navigating the challenging crossings became one of the highlights of Orlo's adventure. Despite some initial difficulties, he discovered clever ways to make it easier, such as sitting in his harness and zipping across the crossing.

The Zip Lines!


The zips were what he was most excited to do and what I was most nervous about because, for the rest of the course, I could help him. On the zips, he'd need to step off the platform, which takes a leap of faith! I needn't have worried because he stepped off the platform like a seasoned pro, arms outstretched like a bird in flight.

The Staff


The exceptional staff elevated the entire experience. The staff's warmth and friendliness from arrival set the perfect tone for our adventure, making us feel supported and encouraged at every turn. Knowing that we were in safe hands reduced my stress levels, which helped Orlo enjoy the experience that much more.

"Can we come back?"


After finishing the course, I asked Orlo if he had fun, and his enthusiastic response was, "Yes, super fun! When can we come again and do THAT course?"

That course was the Treetop Challenge! It might be a few years until he's big enough for Treetop Challenge, but I'm already planning to come back again, next time with his Mum, joining us in the trees too.

Go Ape is the place to be if you're searching for an unforgettable family adventure. I might be biased due to my role, but our experience was incredible. It was the best shared experience we'd had together, and seeing him push himself was a real moment of pride and one that I'll never forget.

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