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Overcome Your Fear of Heights

Last updated: 15/09/2023


Ever feel knock-kneed at the thoughts of heights? You are not alone. In fact, according to a YouGov survey, 23% of Brits say they're 'very' afraid of heights and another 35% admit to being a 'little' afraid. That means well over half our population is acrophobic.

But, take it from us, challenging yourself to step into the tree tops can be such a valuable experience and, quite literally, unlock a whole new level of fun.

Woman on Treetop Challenge adventure at Go Ape Alexandra Palace

How to overcome a fear of heights


Ignoring or hiding from your fear isn't going to make it go away. One of the best ways to fight fear is to face it! Self-help books and hypnotherapy may be all well and good, but exposure can be the best medicine when it comes to conquering your phobia. And that's where we come in...

Over the years we've helped thousands of people overcome their fear of heights. Even people whose first words upon gazing up into the trees are, "I'm not going up there!

We're not saying that getting over your fear will be easy our tree top obstacles are challenging even for people who are cool with heights. But, the Go Ape tribe will be there for you every jump, swing and step of the way to give you as much help, support and encouragement as you need.

Our Adventures


We have loads of unique high ropes experiences for people of all skill and thrill levels at Go Ape. If you’re feeling nervous, our Treetop Adventure or Treetop Adventure Plus experience, which is suitable for everyone over 1m tall, might be the best place to start.

However, if you want to step outside of your comfort zone, Treetop Challenge, could be just the ticket. Progress through the tree tops and conquer increasingly challenging crossings as you clamber higher into the canopy. Treetop Challenge is filled with zips and, of course, our famous Tarzan Swings. Take a leap of faith and open yourself up to a world of epic high rope adventure.

Really want to test yourself? Our 13m+ Plummet experience is available at selected Go Ape locations. Think of it like a mini bungee jump, it’s sure to get your heart racing!

Honest Accounts from Happy Adventures


Want some first-hand accounts? Here's what some of recent customers who braved the tree-tops said about their experience.

“Again, I would like to give a massive thank you to the Delamere team for a fantastic day out and encouraging my 6 year old daughter to get over a fear of heights whilst having so much fun as a family. We will be back some time soon.”

“Today my daughter (Lizzie) and I attended the Go Ape at Hylands Park. My 12-year-old daughter has a healthy fear of heights but was determined to give it a go.

Quite early on in the first loop she was becoming nervous and a bit tearful with the height but pushed herself through.

Towards the end of the second loop she became very scared at one of the obstacles and froze. No amount of encouragement from me could persuade her to do it.

However, a young instructor who I believe was called Lewis came to her aid and helped her across the obstacle. He even did the obstacle backwards so he could talk her through it.

She finished the second run and was determined, with her new found confidence, to finish the last loop.

Unfortunately towards the end of the last loop an obstacle got the better of her and again Lewis came to her aid and helped across the last three obstacles in the same manner. He even did them in reverse so she could have the sense of achievement of completing them for herself.

On the way home she was ‘buzzing’ and hasn’t stopped talking about it all day. It has given her a huge amount of confidence in herself.

This was in no small part down to the help that Lewis gave her, with his calm and compassionate manner. The impact of lockdowns and everything that went with it has had a massive impact on Lizzie’s age group.

Your team, and especially Lewis’s efforts have gone a long way to fixing those confidence issues.”

Person on Go Ape Plummet

Tales from the Tarzan Swing

"The Tarzan Swing was scary but worth it and I loved the zip wires. So high up but you feel so safe!"

"The Tarzan Swing was the best bit, even if it was quite scary. The instructor Nick was brilliant with us and gave us the confidence we needed.”

Ah, the Tarzan Swing. It's one of our most feared obstacles, solely for the reason you've got to leap off a platform that's suspended 30 or so feet in the air. And there's a lot of dangling involved before you have to clamber up the cargo net on the other side.

As Leanne said, the Tarzan Swing might be scary, but it's also the best bit! One of our Tribe will be waiting on the platform to help you out and put your mind at ease (don't worry, they're not allowed to push).

After you've taken the leap of faith, all those nerves you felt previously will transform into excitement and adrenaline! We read a quote that sums it up nicely: nerves and fear are the fluttering of wings before you fly.

Girl on Go Ape Treetop Challenge Tarzan Swing

How We Keep you Safe

"Even though some members of our party had a major fear of heights the standard of the equipment and level of safety briefing made them feel totally safe and [they] said they would totally go back again. [They] totally enjoyed the experience."

"I was dreading doing Go Ape as I'm petrified of heights, so to my [surprise] as much as I was still slightly nervous during the experience, my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I think I would go again!”

What you've got to remember when you visit us is that, even though you're in the tree tops, you're extremely safe.

You wear a harness and are clipped-on to safety lines, so if you were to lose your footing on one of the obstacles all you'd do is dangle there (which may be nerve wracking but is not dangerous).

When we fear something, we often think irrationally and confuse fear with danger. However, as long you listen to the safety briefing and follow instructions, your Go Ape adventure will be unforgettable in the best possible way!

Boy in blue on Go Ape Treetop Adventure crossing



That feeling of butterflies in your stomach can be interpreted as fearful nerves, or excited nerves. All that's required from you is a change of perception. You should expect your heart to beat fast and your knees to tremble when you're up in the trees, but try and see that as something positive! You're excited and there's adrenaline rushing through your body - embrace it!


"Go Ape is such a good idea to get people outdoors, challenge fears and use their strength. I always enjoy it!"


Fighting your fear of heights by swinging through the trees is much more enjoyable than, say, taking an elevator to the top floor of a building and hastily peering out the window. Fun has always been at the forefront of everything we do at Go Ape and we want you to actually enjoy yourself as you conquer your fear of heights!

"My 8-year-old son got up [there and] decided he was scared of heights! The staff were great and helped him overcome his fears and helped him around the course."

-Alison, Dalby Forest

"Had a lot of fun, even helped my friend conquer her fear of heights!"

-Holly, Woburn Safari Park

"Watching the kids go around the course is brilliant and them overcoming all fears and laughing with them when they were nervous. it's fantastic."

-­­Leanne, Trent Park

It doesn't need to be you who has the fear of heights! Maybe it's your mum, sister, partner or little one. You can help them overcome their fears and move from 'I can't' to 'I can!' They'll thank you for it n the end.

Before we wave an emotional farewell to what's been a brilliant season here at Go Ape, we're double-daring you to come hang out with us and conquer your fear (or your mate's fear, or your dad's fear, etc.) once and for all!

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Girl in red on Treetop Challenge Adventure at Go Ape Alexandra Palace