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Smashing Through Your Comfort Zone: My Experiences and Tips

By guest blogger Beth Williams

Ever since I was little I have been terrified of heights, zip lines, abseiling, basically anything with risk or adrenaline involved. I came home from or cried at all 'over-nighters' which involved outdoor activities because I was just so scared. The fear was unbearable, and I just ran away from it.

A Go Ape customer by a sign reading Smashed It

Over the years I’ve pushed myself more and more out of my comfort zone. I’ve challenged myself going to uni, travelling and living abroad, meeting new people and trying new things but nothing ever helped me get over the fear of doing activities, doing outdoor activities at that, CRIKEY!

So, to help me to begin to get over that my boyfriend and I went to Go Ape Delamere last weekend and oh my gosh, I was terrified! Their course involves so many different rope courses, different challenges in the air and each course ends with a zip line. I felt so unbelievably scared the entire time but after each obstacle it felt like a huge achievement to have made it across! My boyfriend was incredible throughout, he was supportive, loving and funny, he really helped me through. But also every time I got to an obstacle and recognised how hard I found it, I focussed onto the part of me that really wanted to succeed, rather than letting the part of me that wanted to get down win every time. Every time I made it across I congratulated myself and spoke to myself across each challenge.

So if you feel like pushing yourself out your comfort zone do it. Do whatever you need to do to get across your own personal finishing line and be proud.

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