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What is Go Ape like in the Rain?

Last updated: 21/08/23 

"Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather."

John Ruskin

Five ways rain makes our Go Ape adventures even better

We think that rain makes our courses even more fun and interesting – and creates muddy puddles which are great for jumping in!

1. It’s Less Busy

If the forecast is looking a little dour then the first instinct of most people is to hibernate indoors. But… this creates an opportunity for savvy adventurers who dare to get wet and muddy.

2. The Slides are Slipperier on Nets Adventure

Man and two boys on Go Ape Nets Adventures

On Nets Adventure even tiny tots (over 1 year) get the chance to explore the canopy and get their first feel for heights! At three Go Ape locations, everyone can race around on giant suspended nets, play with big inflatable balls and slide back to the ground on tube slides – which are even slippier when wet.

Young and older explorers alike can learn to love all weather as they leap about in the rain. Who cares about a soggy bottom if you’ve spare clothes anyway?

3. Satisfyingly squelchy Forest Segways Trails 

At several Go Ape locations you can explore in a whole new way on the Forest Segway experience – and it can be even more fun in the rain!

We always recommend that you wrap up warm on Segways so all you really need to do is pop on some decent waterproofs to adjust to rainy weather. Breathe in the earthy wet air and feel the forest come alive in the rain as you roll on by.  

4. Crossings and Zip landings are even more impressive!

Young boy on Go Ape zip line

Our tree top adventures test your skills in dry weather, but the challenge (and reward) gets even greater when there’s some rain. Can you take on the infamous Stirrups? Will you stick the landings even with a bit of rain blurring your eyes? Will you end up with mud from head to toe?

Our answer…who cares as long as you have a great time!

5. It makes for a great story!

Just picture it, you (or your kids) are chatting about your Go Ape adventure to your friends. Your friends are listening in awe as you tell them how you leapt across a 10m gap into the Tarzan Net and helped each other to overcome obstacles twenty feet up in the tree tops. Then you add that it was all in the rain – while they were probably inside under a blanket.

Rain or shine, we’re sure your Go Ape adventure will be a great tale to tell!

Top Tips

1. Wear old clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.
2. Bring provisions or plan to visit the café for a post adventure fuel and warm up
3. Whether it’s looking rainy or sunny bring along some spare clothes!
4. Make sure you have waterproofs coats and waterproof trousers just in case

A bit of rain can't dampen the Go Ape Spirit!

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Empty Woodland Trail in Rainy Forest