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Taking your Christmas Break Outside

Like it or not or Christmas gatherings are going to be a bit smaller this year. However, just because there may be less family around, this doesn’t mean that Christmas has to be any less fantastic! Though we can’t all gather together inside, we can still meet friends and family in public places for socially distanced visits. Also, since we’ve been stuck inside so much this year, we’ll certainly want a little more outdoor time. With this in mind, here are a couple of ideas about how to have a creative outdoorsy Christmas:

1. Candy Cane Hunt

candy cane bow
Forget the easter egg hunt, add another seasonal tradition to the roster this year with a candy cane hunt. Include devious hiding spots both inside and outside and, if you’re feeling creative, why not add clues and a backstory about why the all the candy canes must be retrieved – to save Christmas?

2. Christmas Hikes

It’s very common to go for a Christmas or Boxing Day walk to try and burn off the excess calories you’ve been eating. However, why not make your walks more interesting and regular than the normal leisurely rambles. Depending on your area restrictions, search for the beautiful places around you and maybe even meet with some friends halfway throughout the Christmas break.
forest in mist at sunset

3. Go Extreme!

boy in blue on platform
Add a little thrill to your break with an exciting adventure. With adventures for all ages, visit a Go Ape site near you for a day of unforgettable family fun. Alternatively, if you’re missing your skiing or snowboarding holiday this year, visit a snowdome or a slope near you – if you’re lucky enough to live near snowy hills. Find your extreme treat and indulge in a little adventure.
group on segways grizedale

4. Christmas light walks

christmas lights
At the moment, many neighbourhoods are lit up with beautiful decorations. However, we all know one street that takes the Christmas decoration challenge to the next level. Go for a wander one evening and enjoy the simple joy of basking in the Christmassy glow.

5. Natural Decorations

christmas wreath
Holly, berries and pinecones can often be found in store bought Christmas decorations. However, why do we need to buy these things that often fall or grow in our back gardens? Dig out some glue, tape and string and try creating some of your own decorations this year! You could even make your own Christmas wreath.

6. Make a Christmas cake bird feeder

Christmas is a time of yummy food for humans and pets alike but why not share this tradition a little further this year. Treat the wildlife around you this year to a seasonal snack with this Christmas Cake bird feeder!
robin eating bird seed

7. Make an elf house

fairy door
Remember when you used to believe that the tiny nooks at the bottom of trees were gateways to fairy worlds? Share that magic with your kids this Christmas by designing your very own elf or fairy door. They can be crafted from any materials around the house and are great crafty wintery activity. Here are a couple of pictures to give you some ideas!
fairy door

We hope you all have a merry outdoorsy Christmas and an adventurous new year!