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There's no such thing as bad weather! 

Happy new year! One of our 2021 New Year’s resolutions is to make the most of every day. At the moment, many areas are still limited, but this will not last forever, so we want to make up for the all the adventures we missed out on in 2020. 

Keep scrolling for our guide to winter adventures.

woman in blue gilette coming down zip

Make your new year unforgettable and test your skills at one of our 34 locations (please check availability in line with governmental guidelines). There’s the perfect thrilling activity for all ages and abilities, from our Treetop experiences to our Forest Segways and Nets Adventure courses too – basically giant net trampolines suspended between treetops! All you need to do is choose and wait in anticipation for the big day! 

Here are a few top tips to prepare for your adventure! 

Dress for the weather 

Ski goggles and salopettes are probably overkill, but the correct clothes will make your adventure that much more enjoyable! This time of year, the ground is muddy so sensible boots are a smart choice. Jeans are great for blocking out the wind, but useless if it rains so opt for layers instead - synthetics breathe well and dry quickly. Think insulation, you’ll want your winter coat to trap warm air and block out the wind and rain, you can delayer between sites if you get too hot.

Think Extremities 

Go Ape adventures are a brilliant form of exercise, you can burn over 600 calories on our Treetop Challenge course! If you’re using all that energy though, you need to put it in the tank first. Carbohydrates like a flapjack will fuel your adventure, and it’s important to stay hydrated too. We station water around out Treetop Challenge courses but on a day with adventurous weather a hot drink before you get started us a good idea. Remember to drink water as well if you’re taking on caffeine! 

Prepare Mentally! 

If the weather is wet, windy and cold but you arrive expecting a warm experience in the dry you’re in for a shock! The weather doesn’t have to ruin your day though, in fact we think that winter weather is the perfect catalyst for adventure. Tell yourself the same and get motivated for the challenge, you’ll feel like a champion when you smash your Go Ape experience! Our adventures begin with a safety brief, so come prepared for a bit of standing around to start. 

Post Adventure TLC 

You’ve smashed your challenge and feel like a hero, but you’re also a bit damp and chilly. Bring spare clothes so that you can slip into something dry and feel cosy and warm! Many Go Ape locations have nearby visitor centres where you can warm up, grab a hot drink and reminisce about the incredible adventure that you’ve just had. If you’re grabbing a snack opt for something in high protein to help those tired muscles! 

instructor at the top of a zip
group on segways grizedale

At Go Ape, we know that adventure has no season, and that the best and most memorable adventures often happen on wet, windy and wild days. 

Start your year right and book your adventure here.

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