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What to Wear for Go Ape this autumn 

OK, it's getting cooler, but even this time of year can be a nightmare when it comes to knowing what to wear.  The weather can still blow hot and cold more frequently than a tempestuous relationship - one minute we think we're finally having a cool day like we were promised, and the next we're wrapping up in chunky knits and winter boots as the hail pounds down.

It's easy to know what to wear in the height of summer: a pair of shorts and a t-shirt tend to do the trick. But  what about in the autumn?

While (heavy) showers are possible. it can be tempting to haul around an entire wardrobe to prepare for any eventuality. When the weather is grey, anything could happen: it could mean a light drizzle, it could be that the heavens will open, or it could just be a rather gloomy day. Whatever it decides to do, bring it on! So, in light (or should we say, dark) of that, we have put together some top tips for grey weather attire:

Go bright or go home

When the sky is looking bleak, the last thing you want to do is camouflage with it by wearing grey yourself. It's supposed to the season of sun so embrace those bright colours. Bright and bold gear is all the rage at the moment, and when you're swinging through the tree tops at Go Ape, you'll appreciate being able to spot your chums from a distance. It's always wise to invest in the odd high-vis garment, as you can wear them for all your future outdoor pursuits.

Don't forget your waterproofs

Just because it's not raining when you leave the house doesn't mean there won't be a downpour at some point in the day! With so many lightweight, packable waterproofs around these days, you can easily fit a mac into your bag. Trust us, it could come in handy!

Embrace the layers

Remember: you can take away, but if you don't pack them with you you can't add! It's best to start the day with plenty of layers: perhaps a vest, a long-sleeved t-shirt, a fleece and a body-warmer and then peel off the garments as you get warmer. When you visit Go Ape, you should get nice and toasty quickly; without realising you're exercising, you'll be burning anything from 500 to 700 calories all that crawling, swinging, climbing and hollering sure works up a sweat!

Look after your fingers

Gloves are always a good idea no matter the season winter months. They protect your hands from the elements whilst also stylishly matching with your hat/scarf ensemble and, when tackling the high ropes at Go Ape, they will really protect your hands. Don't worry if you forget them though we sell them in the cabin.

Dress your feet sensibly

Now this is an important one: whatever the weather (even if it's sunny!), you should always wear closed-toe, flat footwear with a good grip. If we were you, we'd go for ankle-supporting boots. Definite no-nos are sandals, flip-flops, or any kind of slip-off shoe. And leave the stilettos at home!

Luckily, Go Ape is the perfect wet weather activity! Our 35 courses are open in all conditions, with the exception of lightening, storms, high winds and ice (for obvious reasons!). A bit of rain never hurt anyone although it makes the course slightly muddier than usual, this just adds to the fun!