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Millie's work experience at Go Ape

Millie joined the team at Banana HQ for some work experience in the summer of 2021, just after finishing school. Working in the events team, Millie had a quick introduction into the world of work as she helped the team during peak season. So, we thought we’d catch up with Millie on her last day to see how she found the whole experience.

Over to you Millie!

Why did you choose Go Ape?

I chose Go Ape as it offered me the chance to experience an office workspace whilst giving me the help I needed from my amazing co-workers. I also chose it to help open my options for the future.


How did you feel on your first day?

I felt very nervous on my first day as I wasn’t sure what it would entail. However, after introductions I began to feel a bit more confident.

Millie in front of Go Ape gorilla

"From my experience at Go Ape I became much more confident"

What did you do in your time at Go Ape?

Whilst I worked at Go Ape, I worked as a seasonal admin support, I worked under the lovely Robyn who patiently helped me through any issues I had. I met a lot of friendly people and became very close with everyone in the office as they were very friendly.

Throughout my time at Go Ape I sent out emails to clients to make sure they had everything they needed for their upcoming events as well as helping them get the documents they needed. I also answered calls and took messages for my co-workers.

Millie working at a computer

What did you learn?

I learnt many useful skills whilst at Go Ape, such as how to properly communicate with customers, using sales systems and I also improved my knowledge on Microsoft programmes such as Excel.


Can you name one thing you would take away from your experience at Go Ape?

From my experience at Go Ape I became much more confident as the experience brought me out of my comfort zone in order to prepare me for the future.


What advice would you give to someone coming to work at Go Ape?

When you come to Go Ape, I recommend you are prepared to work with a team, and a wonderful one at that! Get prepared to throw yourself in at the deep end as you will get the most out of the experience!


If you’re interested in work experience at Go Ape, drop our People team an email on[email protected]for more information on future opportunities.


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