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Your Essential Summer Kit

We love summer not just because of the BBQs, sun tans and trips to the beach, but also because summer 'tis the season for outdoor adventure!

Sure, you can adventure in the great outdoors year-round, come rain, wind, hail, etc. But, let's be honest: nothing beats a summertime adventure, does it? During summer, we are able to explore wearing nothing more than a pair of shorts and tee-shirt, we can take cooling dips in lake and rivers, and we can sit outside our tents all evening telling stories and singing songs (who's got the guitar?).

It's like the sun has some kind of magnetic force: when it's out, it pulls us away from our beds and sofas and out into the great outdoors. The sun encourages us to do more with our weekends and our evenings, and we find ourselves being much more adventurous.

Whatever you end up doing, remember that you need to pack properly for your summer adventure.

The essentials include:

Sun Cream

If you're outdoors enjoying the sunshine then you need to stay protected! Make sure you give yourself a good smothering of sun cream before you set off on your adventure, and then apply throughout the day, particularly if it's really hot. There's no fun in having to cut your trip short because you're burnt and too sore to move.

Lip balm

Wait! Don't forget about those lips. Make sure you pack a lip balm with a high SPF.


If your adventure is likely to involve some high-octane action, those cheap sunnies you bought last year from eBay won't suffice. You need specs specially adapted for adventure sport. Get a frame that is comfortable, lightweight and durable, and with grips in the nosepad. It will mean they aren't likely to fall off your face when you're hurtling down a mountain bike trail.


Your hair won't fully protect your head from the sun's rays, so make sure you pack a sunhat, too.

First aid kit

All outdoor adventures carry an element of risk (but it's worth it). Make sure you're prepared for the unexpected by packing an essential first aid kit.


If it's a really hot day, you don't want to be bogged-down by a heavy rucksack. Pick a lightweight option with a simple design.


A camera is an essential piece of kit, whatever the season. Documenting your adventures through a lens means you can re-live them whenever you like, plus you can show off your skills to your mates when you return home. Go Pro cameras + adventure = a match made in heaven.