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Go Ape celebrates 20 Year Anniversary with their first Adventure Book

Go Ape book

The School Trip, by Katie Kinsella, will develop and improve reading skills whilst inspiring children to
step outside of their comfort zone

Adventure Company, Go Ape, are delighted to announce the publication of their first book, The School Trip, by Katie Kinsella, as an element of their 20 Years of Adventure Celebration.

The School Trip tells the story of a class of bored primary-school students who long to get outside of the classroom and be “wild and free”. This sparks the idea to visit Go Ape for a day of teamwork, problem solving and re-connection to nature in the forest. Throughout their adventure some pupils struggle with nerves but their classmates and Go Ape instructors cheer them all the way to the zipwire.
Then, when they’re all back on the ground, they can’t wait to do it all over again.

Marketing Director, Jo O’Boyle, said, “Publishing our first book is a fantastic way to extend Go Ape adventure memories with our younger audience. It shows exactly what happens on a visit and the emotions that most people go through on our courses.

Our activities have challenge built in, so inevitably there are moments that most people find difficult but that's the magical part. When you push through your comfort zone, and do something you didn't think you could, your confidence grows and you can feel a huge sense of pride. The book shows this beautifully and I am sure that many people will be able to relate to it no matter how old they are.”

Author Katie Kinsella, also said, “Having previously worked for Go Ape and currently working as a Teacher, I wanted to write a story that captures Go Ape’s spirit: nature; exploring and achieving; risk benefit and the power of teamwork.

I hope ‘The School Trip’ will inspire schools and children from all backgrounds to come and experience the wonder of Go Ape. Completing a Go Ape adventure is one of those moments that a child will remember forever. It gives them a confidence boost and evokes a growth mindset feeling that anything is possible; that they can turn ‘I can’t’ into “I can” and incorporate this skill into all areas of life.”

The School Trip costs £6.99 and is available to purchase at all Go Ape sites.

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Person on Go Ape Treetop Challenge zip line at Aberfoyle