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Go Ape sponsors explorer, Rupert Jones-Warner as he takes on Himalayan Record-Breaking Expedition  


The UK’s #1 Outdoor Adventure Company supports the British explorer as he attempts to set the fastest known time from the World’s third highest summit, Kanchenjunga, to Kathmandu.

Go Ape has partnered with adventurer Rupert Jones-Warner to sponsor his expedition to summit the 3rd highest mountain in the world, Kanchenjunga, then descend and travel back to Kathmandu by foot in the fastest known time. Some of Rupert’s other key sponsors include Arcteryx, Suunto and Snow + Rock.  

The expedition will take place in two phases, firstly the summitting of Kanchenjunga (8,586m) and then the trek to Kathmandu along the Great Himalayan Trail. The whole journey will be around 330 miles and will cover elevations of more than 28,000m. Rupert will pass Mount Everest before descending through the jungle to the Nepalese capital. He will stay at teahouses along the trail, trekking and trail running as the terrain allows. 

Rupert Jones-Warner at the top of Mount Everest

Already an established mountaineer, he holds the record as youngest Briton to summit the notorious Annapurna and has summited Mount Everest. When the pandemic paused international pursuits, Rupert turned his focus to long distance trail running. Since 2019, he has completed multiple trail marathons, including two races over 100 miles.  

Rupert Jones-Warner said, “I am so excited and proud to be partnering up with Go Ape. I feel so privileged to be representing a brand that promotes adventurousness and helps people to get outdoors and out of their comfort zones.  

Rupert Jones-Warner running

It’s completely normal to feel apprehensive about adventures ahead and, while I’m really looking forward to my Himalayan expedition, it is going to be a challenge unlike anything I’ve done before. I love the challenge of climbing big mountains and running long distances but incorporating them into one adventure is completely new to me. The idea of climbing the third highest mountain on the planet followed by running over 300 miles is rather daunting and I am intrigued to see how my body copes.” 

Digital Marketing Executive Charlie Du Puy also added, “Go Ape’s goal is to create adventures and encourage everyone to live life adventurously. Through our business we do that every day, and we make our adventures as accessible as possible; we have over 35 UK locations, so you’re never far away from Go Ape. We supply the equipment and the training, just bring your sense of adventure and off you go.

With Rupert and his expedition, we’re equally excited to be a part of creating an adventure at the other end of the spectrum. We’re a pretty daring bunch but Rupert is on totally different level- yet remarkedly down to Earth. There’s only a fraction of people that can achieve what he does, but I know already that Rupert has inspired people in Go Ape to take on new challenges and reach their adventure goals. We’re so excited to tell Rupert’s story and share his expedition with our customers, I’m sure that they’ll be equally inspired. 

Snow capped mountain

Rupert will set off in April 2022 and will share his experience as he travels along the Great Himalayan Trail, documenting his whole experience. Go Ape followers will have an insight into the nitty-gritty details of an extreme expedition abroad, with a front row seat to the spectacular and not-so glamorous moments.  

Follow @GoApeTribe and @Rupert.Jones.Warner to keep up with the latest news about Rupert’s expedition. 


About Rupert Jones-Warner 

Growing up in Chichester, Rupert spent much of his youth; running, cycling and sailing competitively, as part of the RYA Team GBR National Youth Squad in international regattas around the world. However, it was his love of the outdoors that eventually led him in search of a challenge in the great heights of the Himalayas. 

At the age of 22, having been inspired by famous climbers through the years, he took up mountaineering for the first time. Marathon running and sailing consequently took a backseat to make way for more extreme pursuits.  

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