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welcome to our world

Days out with Go Ape are about stepping out of your comfort zone with your Tribe by your side.

They’re about exploring enchanting spaces, experiencing the rush of the forest, and creating lifelong memories.
That's why we will be capturing Wonder, Tribe, Wow, Rush and Adventure with five awe inspiring videos this summer.


Ready? Let’s have an adventure.

Climb, cross, leap, clamber. Glide, land, breathe, high five.

Do it again.

Your heart’s thumping and your legs are shaking – you let out a giddy laugh.

Your body is flooded with an immense feeling of relief and accomplishment.

You did it.

From secretive residents to intriguing instillations, there’s far more to the forest than just trees.

With surprise encounters and unforgettable experiences around every other corner, there’s only one thing that’s guaranteed – no two visits will ever be the same.


There’s no adventure in the world that can’t be improved by sharing it with your Tribe.

From best friends, furry friends, and close family, to relatives you haven’t seen in a while – gather your Tribe and #SeizeAdventure this summer.


From the smell of the morning dew to the warmth of dappled sunshine – the forest is our favourite place to be.

Let our new summer video whisk you away to hidden spaces and enchanting places.

We will be uploading a new video for our Tribe to enjoy  every other week through out the Summer

Check back regularly or ...

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