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'Ride The Wind' Day

  • Sophie
  • 21st August 2015

Before you ask, no, we haven't just made it up.

Ride the Wind Day is an actual, internationally-celebrated day, and it's taking place this Sunday (23rd of August).

Summer's nearly over (already?!) and cool, crisp autumn air is just around the corner. Ride the Wind Day is an opportunity to get out into the great outdoors and make the most of the last few, warm, sun-filled days. Catch our drift?

If you're wondering how Ride the Wind Day came about, it was set up to commemorate the anniversary of the first-ever human-powered flight to win the Kremer Prize (a series of awards given to pioneers of human-powered flight).

On the 23rd of August 1977, Paul MacCready's Gossamer Condor flew into the record books when it became the first human-powered aircraft to complete a mile-long, figure-eight course, designed by the Royal Aeronautical Society. Piloting the Gossamer Condor was Bryan Allen; the course took him seven minutes and 27 seconds to complete, and he reached a top speed of 11mph. "It was just a big model aeroplane, said MacCready of his aircraft.

And there we have it that's why we have a day dedicated to celebrating the wind! Mind you, we do have a lot to thank wind for. The beautiful breeze keeps us cool, dries our laundry, allows us to get involved with sports such as windsurfing, and it provides us with pollution-free energy.

So, how do you plan to celebrate Ride the Wind Day? You could take a leisurely afternoon stroll and feel the breeze in your hair, or have a picnic and watch the birds soar through the sky. You could take the kids to the local park to fly a kite, sail a boat, or try your luck at hang gliding or kitesurfing.

Or you could go zip trekking! Why watch the birds when you can be the birds? It's an experience like no other, swooping through valleys and soaring above tree-tops via zip line. Actually, make that seven different zip lines€¦

You could say we've made human flight possible (basically). Our Zip Trekking Adventure, which you can find at Grizedale Forest, is the perfect activity to celebrate Ride the Wind Day. Why? Well, because you're actually riding the wind! After a quick safety briefing from one of our tribe, you'll be free to fly! You'll cover a whopping 3km and will be in the sky for around two hours.

Our Zip Trekking Adventure may be zip, after zip, after zip€¦but that's not all that's included in your adventure. There's also a 20 minute hike through the beautiful Grizedale Forest (the perfect opportunity to feel the breeze in your hair), as well as a fun ride in one of our Land Rovers up stunning, winding mountain roads, to the top where zip 1 awaits you.

So, this Sunday, do something totally unique and celebrate Ride the Wind Day with us at Go Ape! (P.S. we highly recommend booking early to avoid disappointment!).

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