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Confidence Development For Your Class

  • Sophie
  • 19th June 2017

Want to know how you can become the coolest teacher ever?

It's simple: book a school trip to Go Ape!

Escape the confines of the classroom and spend a day in the treetops with your tribe! Sub maths for monkeying around; switch science for swinging in a Tarzan style; and swap lunchbox sandwiches for an awesome forest feast, cooked up by our highly-talented chef.

Educational and adventurous

Our Tree Top Adventure and Tree Top Junior courses are tree-mendously fun, but will also provide your kids with an educational experience they'll never forget.

We know we bang on about it, but spending time in the great outdoors is mega important for our health and wellbeing. And for kids, being immersed in nature plays an important role in their personal development.

Our unique adventures encourage kids to feel confident in the great outdoors and confident in their own ability. Here's how...


A treetop course requires kids to engage their brains and consider how to tackle certain obstacles. Shall I tip-toe across this one or travel on hands and knees? Do I need to hold on or can I attempt a hands-free crossing? It encourages independent thinking and at the same time, sharpens their problem-solving skills.

Treetop mingling

A sky-high adventure encourages kids to move out of their cliques and connect with new classmates. Helping and spurring one another on as they tackle each obstacle will build stronger bonds, which in turn will boost their confidence in-class. This makes Go Ape an awesome ice-breaker trip for the start of a new school year.

Discover potential

If you've never Go Ape-d before, it's hard to describe the feeling you get as you whizz through the air on the final zip wire. We'll describe as elation, with a sprinkling of disbelief. Completing a course makes you feel like you can conquer the must be the adrenaline!

So, the more obstacles your mini tribe conquer, the more confident they'll grow and this is bound to have a positive impact when they're back at their desks. Go Ape might give them the confidence boost they need to sign-up to a club, make new friends or volunteer to speak during assembly.

And if any of your tribe start off scared but finish with skills to rival Tarzan's, that'll be a major confidence boost for them. The sort of confidence boost that'll make them shout out, "I can do anything!"

Tree Top Adventure and Tree Top Junior school trips are available during the week, and supervising adults get to swing absolutely free!

If you want to make your experience a little more educational, we've also developed a range of KS1 and KS2 learning resources to compliment your visit.

Want to chat through it some more? No problem just give one our friendly tribe members a call on 0845 643 9215.

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