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Schools Trips: An Unforgettable Learning Experience

  • Sophie
  • 24th September 2014

"Where are my shoes? I can't find my backpack!" 

The nights are drawing in slowly, there is a crisp tingle in the autumn air and the kids are back to school. It's time to snap back into the school routine - less of the tasty treats and more of the times tables. But lest we forget we need a good mix of fun and learning!

New experiences are flawless learning curves for kids.
Allowing them to let their imagination run wild and learn through pushing the boundaries are all in a days trip to Go Ape!

We offer pupils the perfect place to get out of the classroom and up into the canopy! With a variety of national curriculum based educational resources for the classroom and the chance to encourage the little monkeys to be adventurous Go Ape is the perfect school trip.


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