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Love Is In The Air

  • Sophie
  • 6th April 2016

It was late last month, at Go Ape Aberfoyle, when Colin Nicholson found himself whizzing down the course's final 400-metre long zip wire.


His partner, Zac Louden, had begged to go first, and as Colin neared the end he started to realise why: one knee down in a pile of woodchip knelt Zac, holding up a sign which read: "Will you marry me!?

An immediate "Yes! from Colin was greeted with claps and cheers from onlookers, including fellow customers as well as members of the Go Ape tribe who helped make the forest-themed proposal possible.

"Being up in the trees I was so worried that I was going to drop the rings! says Zac. "As if a zip wire isn't nerve wracking enough without the added pressure of proposing but it was worth it to see the look on Colin's face as he came flying down the zip wire.

The couple's whirlwind romance all began last summer. After meeting on Facebook through mutual friends, Zac and Colin decided that they wanted their first date to be fun somewhere they can relax and have a laugh. And so, after visiting Go Ape before and loving it, they decided to head 150 feet up in the trees of Aberfoyle!

After deciding to take their relationship to new heights, Zac knew that a zip down memory lane at Go Ape would be the ultimate way to pop the question.

"We were about to go on the last zip wire and I knew something was strange as Zac was insisting that I went last, says Colin. "At about half way along the zip I could see a huge sign and Zac down on one knee and I immediately clicked what was happening.

Colin admits he went a little red-faced at the number of people clapping and cheering, but says, "We love going hill walking and doing outdoor activities, so it was an amazing proposal which really summed-up our relationship.

Gordon Cochrane-Yuill, site manager at Go Ape Aberfoyle, congratulated Colin and Zac on their engagement. "Go Ape's all about having fun and living life adventurously, which makes it a great place for an exciting date that's sure to leave a lasting impression, he says.

Now living together, Colin and Zac have made a bucket list of things they want to do over the next few years, starting with a trip to Disney World in 2017 to celebrate their engagement. Then, they'll start planning their dream wedding on the water at The Vu in Scotland's Bathgate.

All that's left to say is a huge 'congratulations!' from all the Go Ape tribe, and here's to many more tree-mendous years of adventure together!

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