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Gift Cards

Say 'stuff it' to stuff by giving that adventurer in your life a Go Ape gift card this Christmas, with an amount of your choosing.

We're leading the rebellion against owning more stuff.

It's the annual riddle: what to buy for that one person who seems to have everything? It could be a friend, colleague, relative or even you. After all, it's an urban jungle out there, so why not help them discover their inner adventurer?

Prices: From £10

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Whether for a mini treat, or an entire adventure, it won't disappoint. They’ll be able to use the money towards any of our adventures, across all of our 35 UK locations. Gift a monetary amount and let them do the choosing.


An adventure gift card will never be found collecting dust and it's sure to provide memories that'll last a lifetime. It's the gift they can look forward to: a diary date packed with laughter and memories.

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go ape experience gift voucher open on bed of woodchip

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