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Go Ape Adventure Stories Competition 2018 Winners

We received so many fantastic entries to our 2018 Adventure Stories Competition that it was hard to pick a winner. Our judges finally selected the stories below, congratulations to the winners!

2018 winners aged 8-12

amy - aged 9

At the abandoned train station the one and only Mr Cat McTroy - the feline secret agent - strolled across the dirty platform. He entered his headquarters in the old station master’s office. The telephone rang. It was McTroy’s boss who shouted,

“McTroy! Professor Ivan is back!”.

“You don’t need to shout!” exclaimed McTroy.

“Yes I do need to shout! He is in New York and you have to do find his hideout. Go now!”, McTroy’s boss shouted.

“Time to go to my jet plane… but it’s gone!”, moaned McTroy. He realised that he would have to go on his jet boat. McTroy finally arrived in New York drenched and miserable because he is a cat who does not like water.

“Professor Ivan must have gone back to his old hideout,” muttered McTroy, “the Statue of Liberty”. McTroy waited until midnight because he thought a villain like Professor Ivan would not expect anyone to be there at that time.

Suddenly McTroy saw a mysterious red light coming from the eye of the statue. He warily climbed up onto the base of the statue, still drenched from head to toe. Slipping round the back he saw a ladder. It was very tricky to climb the ladder because he was soaking wet.

Finally, at the top of the ladder he found a locked, cat-sized door that led into the head of the statue. Stealthily, McTroy picked the lock and slipped inside. Around the corner he saw a swish of a tale...a black tail. That could mean only one thing: it was Professor Ivan, the evil mastermind who wants to take over the world. McTroy crept around the corner and saw Professor Ivan doing a daft dance (like a leprechaun doing a jig). Then Professor Ivan started laughing and said,

“Now to make everyone into my slaves! Mwah ha ha ha hah!” he laughed. “Mwah ha ha ha hah…?” said Professor Ivan’s sidekick, Dr Doopy, who was standing nearby and did not understand what was going on. McTroy watched as Professor Ivan pressed switches on a giant machine. Suddenly a hypnotising red beam burst out of the machine. McTroy ran to the machine and swiftly turned it off with a red button.

“How dare you ruin my plan, I’ll make you my slave too!” announced Professor Ivan.

“I don’t think so” replied McTroy calmly before saying: “Doopy, stop him! This is your time to shine!”. Dr Doopy grabbed a bucket of water and threw it over Professor Ivan. The water also went over the machine.

“Good choice, Dr Doopy” said McTroy. The machine began to fizzle. A red beam shot out of the back and hit Professor Ivan. Kaboom! The machine exploded with a colourful splatter.

You might be wondering what happened to Professor Ivan. Well, he was hypnotised by his own machine and let’s just say that he is a very well-behaved super villain these days (… or is he just pretending?). 

logan - aged 11

My uncle took me & my brother to see the stars through a MASSIVE telescope, we'd heard so much about them that we wanted to see them for ourselves and I was curious to see if the moon really was made out of cheese. I stepped up to the telescope, closed one eye and gazed through the lens. The stars were twinkling away as I looked around to get a glimpse of the moon. I imagined tiny people waving back at me and it was then that my imagination ran wild. I stepped back from the telescope to give my brother a look and we were there, on the moon!

We had transformed into cheesy triangles with arms and legs.... We looked so tasty. I had to try a piece of the moon, so I didn't take a bite out my brother. As I broke a piece off I heard someone shouting.

"Hey! That's Nacho Cheese!"

"Sorry" I replied as I put it back as best I could. "Who are you?" I asked.

"I'm Cheddar" he replied" and these are my 3 cheeses, onion, pickle and chive." My uncle and brother were admiring the stars so trying to be polite I thought I'd keep talking.

"Do you live here?"

"Yes, we live over there in the garden of Edam"

"Wow, sounds lovely, can I see?"

Struggling to believe that EVERYTHING was cheese. We walked through a short tunnel into a village with cheese houses, melted cheese swimming pools, cheese string trees and cars with Babybel wheels. I was amazed! There was music playing, it caught my attention.

"Wow, music, I love it."

"We listen to R & Brie a lot" replied cheddar.

"I'd love to stay longer but its time for me to go home, can I get a photo before I go?" I asked, I mean how else would anyone ever believe I'd been to the moon?

"Of course you can, I'll get everyone over" said cheddar.

A very mature cheese came over to take our photo, he took my phone, held it up and shouted 'say people' I laughed, everyone did. We all said goodbye and headed back to the telescope, I closed one eye, gazed through the lens and in the blink of an eye I found myself back where I had been, gazing at the stars, smiling.

taylor - aged 8

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Alice. One day she went for a walk around the meadow. She saw a flock of sheep and some horses. Alice loved horses. Alice went over to an apple tree and picked some apples. She went over to the horses and tried to encourage them to eat an apple. The only horse that would come and eat the apples was a white horse. Alice gave it a name she named it Snowflake. It got late so Alice went home but Snowflake kept following her. So she took Snowflake to her house and tied her up. Alice went inside and put a bucket of food in front of Snowflake. In the morning Alice woke up looked out the window and saw Snowflake still standing there so Alice ran down stairs had breakfast, brushed her teeth and went out side with a fresh bucket of food. She untied Snowflake and took her to the meadow. They fed all the horses she took Snowflake for a long walk. In the middle of the walk Snowflake wanted Alice to get on her back. When Alice got on her back there was a bright flash of light nearly blinding Alice. Snowflake turned into a unicorn! Alice nearly screamed. She was so happy. Snowflake flew up to the sky. Alice’s hair was flying in her face. They saw a rainbow in front of them then they saw a beautiful little cottage with unicorn statues, little houses and lots and lots of unicorns. Snowflake said this is where I live. I used to come here with another little girl but when she grew up she got bored of horses and she played with Barbie dolls. Alice thought who said that? then she realised that Snowflake could talk. When they landed Alice looked at snowflake and realised that she had a pink main and tail and Alice had a beautiful dress with a rose belt. Snowflake and Alice went for a walk, they went past the beach, the park and the cinema and then there was a dead end so they went a different way. They thought they would see the cinema, the park and the beach but they didn’t see any of that stuff so they kept riding but they were lost. Then they arrived at a dark cave. It started getting dark so they got some wood and made a fire and slept in the cave. In the morning they went to the shops nearby and they got a map. Snowflake secretly brought a magical necklace which can magically transport you from your house to the unicorn cottage. She brought it for Alice. And Alice brought Snowflake a little snow globe that said “I will love you forever.” When they showed each other the presents, they ran to each other giving a big hug. Alice said bye and transported herself back to her house, while Snowflake found her way home. Alice’s mum was mad. Uh oh!