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A sundown adventure

By Ilona Cabral

A light drizzle falls on a crisp autumn evening. The sunset is vivid behind the tall pines and the Treetop Adventure lights have just been turned on. Alongside a couple of friends, I’m ready to begin a spectacular evening swinging through the forest with Go Ape’s Sundown Treetop Adventure.

Person in yellow crossing in the dark
Man in blue going down zip in dark

Around me the course is faintly aglow with colourful lights wound around tree trunks and a few floodlights on the ground lead me along the course. The Halloween decorations suspended from the crossings waft in the breeze and, as the sky darkens, the moon peaks out from behind the clouds. In short, the setting is utterly spooky and thrilling.

When we arrive at Go Ape we are kitted and fitted with harnesses with attached glow sticks to add to the festive fun. Then, after a safety brief, we’re ready to go. The Adventure course is thrilling in the day time, but the darkness and slightly wet weather adds an even more exciting element. We’re securely attached to the safety system but can’t quite see the next step in front of us and need to feel with our feet for the next foothold. The best part of the course is undoubtedly the zip wire though. With only a couple of floodlights to light the landing site it’s a stomach fizzing experience as we swoop through the dark forest and try to stick our landings (to varying degrees of success).

As we tackle each crossing, I can feel myself, and everyone around me, become more confident and any uncertain children (or adults) are soon racing around the course for another turn. By the end of the hour we are panting and rosy cheeked but eager to squeeze in one last loop beneath the starry sky.

Any Go Ape adventure is always a treat but this Sundown Treetop Adventure Plus was an unforgettable evening. I would definitely recommend trying a Sundown activity near you – whether that’s a treetop course, a zip wire through the night, Nets Adventure or Forest Segways as the sun sets. Just because the nights are getting longer doesn’t mean that the fun has to end earlier, Go Ape has a spectacular Sundown adventure suitable for all ages closer than you think.

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