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Published on: 21/08/23 

Reaching New Heights: The Benefits of High Ropes Courses

High ropes experiences are the definition of thrilling adventures. They’re a way to challenge yourself, escape the everyday and soar to new levels, while having a blast with your buddies or family.

 But they are also much more than that! There are so many mental and physical benefits to pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. Of literally taking a leap of faith into a Tarzan Swing or feeling the exhilarating rush of a zip line. Read on to discover the many benefits of a high ropes adventure.

Physical Benefits

Increase Strength

Forget jogging or swimming, a high ropes adventure is a fun and unique way of getting some exercise. As you make your way through the trees, you’ll exercise without even realising it, strengthening new muscles and improving your endurance.

  • Climbing in and through the trees can strengthen your biceps, triceps - and arms in general.
  • Swinging: When leaping off a Tarzan swing you won’t just exercise your lungs (with a huge Tarzan yell!) you’ll put your arms and shoulders to the test.
  • Ziplining: Where to begin! First you start with a leap (or step) off a platform, then make sure to hold that core engaged for a perfect zip landing! Remember, try not spin yourself around and keep your feet down towards the floor.

Improve Your Cardiovascular Fitness

As fairly intense physical exercise, high ropes adventures can increase your heart rate, breathing rate, blood flow, and sweating levels, all of which can improve your cardiovascular fitness. Remember to take it easy and go at your own pace depending on your fitness level.

Increase Your Flexibility

A high rope experience can be a great option for people who are looking to improve their flexibility. Your adventures can stretch your muscles, which can help to improve your range of motion and reduce the risk of injury. Plus, Go Ape’s stirrup crossing might get you closer to the splits than you thought possible!

Improve Your Balance

Balance is key on a high ropes adventure. You’ll certainly feel the burn in your core as you traverse wobbly crossings and bridges.

As you wind your way through the canopy, try to maintain your equilibrium. Did you know, some studies show that balance training can lead to improved memory and space perception. Feeling brave? Try and complete a wobbly crossing with no hands – or backwards!

Mental Benefits

Build Confidence

When you tackle those elevated obstacles and manage to keep your cool at heights, it can be a big boost to your self-belief.

Overcoming nerves or other height-based challenges can prove to yourself, and others, that you're capable of handling tough situations. As you work through the course, the feeling of conquering each obstacle gradually builds your self-assurance.

Plus, the support and cheers from friends or teammates creates a positive environment that reinforces your achievements. All of this adds up, making you feel more capable and confident.

Developing teamwork skills

Making your way through challenges and obstacles calls for effective team communication, coordination and support. You’ll need to help each other through difficult sections, providing encouragement as you go. You may even discover natural leadership skills along the way!

The shared goal of completing a high ropes course encourages individuals to work together, relying on each member's strengths. This type of collaboration can help improve problem-solving abilities, interpersonal interactions, and overall team dynamics, which can be transferred to other group settings as well.

Increasing self-esteem

High rope adventures provide a platform for personal accomplishment and growth. As you conquer challenges and obstacles, you can prove your abilities, to yourself and others! Successfully navigating through elevated courses or difficult obstacles can deepen your sense of achievement and self-belief.

Encouragement and positive feedback from your buddies and instructors can contribute to building confidence and validating personal achievements. This improved self-esteem can extend long after the high ropes adventure is over, positively impacting various areas of your life to help you feel more capable and empowered.

Broaden Your Horizons

High ropes adventures literally allow a different view on things, giving you the chance to experience a natural setting in a whole new way. As you look out over diverse landscapes, you can really appreciate the beauty of nature, even when we’re being treated to typically British weather.

Studies show that people who regularly visit natural spaces feel more psychologically connected to them and, as a result, are more likely to engage in environmentally friendly behaviours.

Get up close and Personal with Nature

Despite a massive loss of biodiversity in the UK over the last few decades, our environment is still filled with precious wildlife.

Whilst on your high ropes adventures, scan the skies, trees and ground below for the creatures living amongst us. There’s so much to discover and protect in our environment.

Some of our Go Ape sites, Chessington, Battersea Park and Woburn, are located by zoos if you want to see some more exotic wildlife.

Go Ape High Ropes Adventures

High ropes courses are fun and rewarding experience for people of all ages and abilities! There are hundreds of providers across the UK, including 36 unique Go Ape locations across England, Scotland and Wales.

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