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Bringing New Life to Old Walks

In the first lockdown, and even the second, we got to know the areas that we lived in better than ever before. In search of adventure among the tedium we found forest paths, woodland walks and secret natural places that we had never known about. However, as we enter our third, fourth or fifth lockdown even these places can lose their shimmer of magic. This does not need to be the case though! Here are a couple of ways to bring something fresh to a walk that feels old.

bluebells inthe forest
red squirrel in tree

Notice the new

Through the different seasons and weathers, the nature around us is always changing. Though we may feel that we tread the same footprints on the same walks over and over the pathway is always different in some way. When you are out for exercise, whatever tier you may be in, try and notice these little changes. Is there more wildlife around you? Are you ankle high in mud or water? Can you see the subtle signs of spring, like grass shoots and bluebells, beginning to poke through the earth? Enjoy the ways nature constantly alters and surprises us.


leaf and flower wreath

Whatever the weather there is always something to make from the things that you can find in nature in wintertime. If you’re lucky enough to live in a place with snow, why not make a snow person, or even a snow monkey? However, if the snow hasn’t fallen in your hometown yet, get even more creative. Pick up pine cones and brightly coloured leaves for art projects at home. Try creating a leaf wreath or crown with fallen pines cones, colourful leaves, and anything else you can find - wreaths don’t just have to be for Christmas!

Another great idea for children and adults alike is to decorate a rock. Find an interestingly shaped stone and draw upon your inner creative as you remake it into something even more beautiful and then place it back on your walk. Perhaps you want to draw your favourite pet, person or even write your favourite quote on it. Hopefully, every time you, or someone else sees it, it will bring a little joy to their day. If you need some further inspiration check out the Arty Crafty Kids website.

Imagine a world

If your walk still feels boring, then just imagine different surroundings. Who needs virtual reality goggles when you can rely on your imagination? As you trek through the trees, pretend you are on an intrepid adventure in the Andes seeking treasure. Whilst you wander along a seashore, look out and create stories about the creatures living beneath the waves. Make each walk an adventure where the puddles are fairy pools and the views from bare tree, the crows nest in a ship.
gazing at sky in forest

Play the games they love

With many areas back to home schooling, many children are missing out on the games they play at breaktime and lunchtime. Is there a way that you can recreate some of these games on your daily walks? Something as simple as playing tag or hide and seek along the route can bring a burst of joy and fresh life to an old walk. It can also a good idea to bring along a ball!

Word games

Walking in the woods can also be a fantastic inspiration for people of all ages to learn more. If you have kids you could try some word games like “follow the leader” and “poetry to go” like Verywell Family suggests. Meanwhile, if you are an adult, there is plenty to learn about in the forest. While you have the time, why not invest in some books about nature and learn a little about the plants and animals around you?

Dream Of what your next holiday could be like

Forest Holidays cabin in the woods with the sun shining on it

Lockdown will eventually end so use your familiar walks and daily exercise to get excited about some time away exploring new places. Our friends Forest Holidays have 11 stunning woodland locations to retreat to for time spent relaxing, recharging and finding new adventures.

Start dreaming of exploring winding woodland trails. Uncovering the secrets of the forest. Listening to the birdsong on the breeze. Star-gazing from your very own hot tub.

Forest Holidays is a place full of wonder. Your alarm clock is birdsong, your neighbours are squirrels, your pavement is leaves and your backdrop is stars.

It’s all waiting for you to discover, find out more here.

Hopefully, these tips will bring some adventure to days that seem dull and walks that seem all too familiar. They can also prepare you for greater adventures to come when restrictions lessen… perhaps you can even swing by for a visit to a Go Ape near you.

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