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Emilie’s Go Ape Adventure

One of the best parts of working at Go Ape is hearing the stories about how people’s adventures have impacted them. Whether people faced their fears, pushed their limits or simply had a great time outdoors, everyone comes away with a story and a spark of pride.

Below, we’re delighted to share an excerpt from the GoGet blog about one such bold adventurer, Emilie. GoGet, is a fantastic social enterprise which is dedicated to providing high energy, sensory experiences for individuals with additional needs and disabilities. The blog is all about Emilie’s Go Ape experience and how she conquered the Treetop Adventure course at Dalby.

I’ll be honest, our time on the course wasn’t drama free. But then, nobody expected that. In fact, I personally would have been disappointed not to get a little bit of drama. We made a lot of noise. Emilie did a first class job of making sure that everybody in the forest knew that she was there and that she was attempting something noteworthy. Particularly difficult aspects of the course were greeted with assertive shouts of contempt and conquered with triumphant flourishes. Emilie took on the challenge with the determination we have come to expect from her. We were slow at first, but with each obstacle tackled her confidence grew, until before long she was striding over swing bridges like they were cracks in the pavement.

Then for the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The zip line. Folks, settle in…”

Read more about Emilie's adventure at Go Ape Dalby on the GoGet website.

A girl in a pink hoodie and a woman in a blue hoodie on a Go Ape crossing

A few words from Site Manager Nick Mallet

“We really value the relationship we’ve built up with GoGet,” commented Go Ape Dalby Site Manager Nick Mallet, “It’s been incredibly rewarding to see how the young people at GoGet have developed over the years and hear feedback from parents about how Go Ape has impacted them. As well as Emilie, there are so many young people who have come so far, like William. When William first tried Go Ape several years ago he was very anxious about zipping down onto wood chip landing site but now he has long since conquered that fear and knows exactly what to do now!”

“Also, it’s not only the participants who benefit from GoGet’s visits,” Nick added, “Every member of my site team loves working with GoGet as it’s incredibly rewarding and allows them to grow their knowledge of the course so that they can help other Go Apers in the future.”

A girl in a pink hoodie on a Go Ape Tibetan Bridge crossing
A girl in pink and a woman in blue on a Go Ape Treetop Adventure course

We say it a lot at Go Ape, but we truly believe in giving everyone the opportunity to live life adventurously. After all, life’s just a bit more interesting when you take a couple of leaps, or zips, of faith.

If you have any enquiries about whether Go Ape is suitable for you or about how we can make your experience more accessible please contact 01603 895500, or email [email protected]

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