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Filming Your Go Ape Adventure

Last updated: 02/04/2024

Ready to immortalise your outdoor adventure at Go Ape?

Welcome to Go Ape's ultimate guide to film your adventures. We're here to equip you with the necessary skills, knowledge and tips to help you capture your experience forever!

Filming on our Adventures

At Go Ape our priority is your safety, so we do have some rules regarding filming during your adventures. We’ve added some safety guidelines below for each of our adventures.

Filming on our High ropes Adventures

While we absolutely want you to capture your memories, all phones or filming devices must be attached to you on high ropes adventures. To avoid any mishaps, we ask that you either keep your phone away or attach it to yourself via a lanyard. If you don’t already have one of these, we sell some snazzy waterproof lanyards at our cabins for just £3.

The other option is to give a phone to any accompanying adult or group members on the ground. This includes them in the experience and lets you focus on the moment and having fun!

Young boy with arms wide on Go Ape Treetop Adventure

Filming on Forest Segways

When on our Forest Segways, all participants must have two hands on the handlebars at all times. We ask that you only use your phones when you have stepped off the Segways.

Don’t worry, there are breaks built into our Forest Segway routes for you to snap some pictures – with some of the best views!

Group on Go Ape Forest Segways adventure

Filming on Nets Adventure

There are no specific rules on our Nets Adventure and you can take your phone up to height onto the nets and course areas. However, this is at your own risk as there are sure to be people bouncing about you and inflatable balls around.

Groups of children on Go Ape Nets Adventure playing with inflatable balls

Top tips for Filming your Adventure

Follow these expert tips to capture your unforgettable Go Ape adventure

  • Pre and post adventure shots:

    There can be so many differences between the pictures at the start of your adventure and at the end. Of course, you may be a bit muckier when you finish, but you can also see the differences in people’s emotions and even posture.

    At the end of their experience people often stand taller, with broad smiles and a rosy flush from the fresh air! Believe us it can be a transformation.

  • Take a photo with our Ape’s:

    Every Go Ape location has a unique Ape which, believe it or not, has been carved with a chainsaw! Why not go and say hello, learn their name and strike a memorable pose!

  • Candid shots are best:

    While we all like to look good in photos, candid photos are often the truest (and funniest ones). This is certainly the case on a Go Ape adventure! Snap those pictures of muddy bums, messy zip landings and moments where you look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards (obviously with permission). You’ll laugh later.

  • Capture the thrill of zip wire landings:

    Believe us it’s well worth videoing or photographing your friend at the end of a zip line. Their expressions (and yells) are worth recording.

  • Respecting the privacy and comfort of other adventurers:

    Before you start to film your adventures, it is important that you obtain consent from those who may appear in your footage.

  • Remember to be present:

    While it's tempting to capture every moment of your adventure, remember to experience and appreciate it firsthand. Don't let your device distract you from the thrill and beauty surrounding you.

  • Pass the Camera:

    If someone is accompanying you on the ground, why not pass the filming responsibilities to them? This ensures everyone gets involved and no special moments are missed.

Sharing Your Adventures


At Go Ape, we believe that adventurous experiences should be treasured and one of the best ways to do this is to share them! We encourage you to share your own Go Ape content on your channels and to give us a tag.

Every one of our 37 locations has its own Instagram and Tiktok channels, which showcases our diverse and stunning courses and the amazing experiences of our visitors. From soaring through trees to tackling tricky obstacles, our channels feature photos and videos that will spark your adventurous spirit and brighten your day.

We also have national Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook and Twitter channels that bring together the best content from all Go Ape locations. Follow these to keep up to date with our latest adventures, events, and special offers at Go Ape.

Beyond social media, we also encourage you to share your experience on your preferred platform. Share the highlights, tough moments and people who made the experience, we want to hear what you think!   

Whether you choose to share your memories through words or stunning visuals, your content can inspire others to start their own adventure journeys. So, make sure to document your Go Ape adventure and join our community of thrill-seekers!

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