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Our Top 5 Go Ape Obstacles

From swings and stirrups to nets, ropes and bridges, our treetop courses are jam-packed with a range of super-fun obstacles. Some are physically challenging, while others are more of a mental challenge. Some test your strength and agility; others test your willpower, bravery, and your ability not to swear when there are a couple of kids standing on the next platform!

So, are you a Tarzan enthusiast or more of a high-rope hero? After chin-wagging with our customers and checking our feedback, we've rounded up five of our most-loved obstacles:

the brilliant bridges

We do bridges with a difference. And our customers can't get enough of them. Our bridges sway, shake and wobble, and you're faced with the task of staying upright as you make your way across them. Some of them have supporting ropes to guide you, while with others you're forced to take a 'no hands' approach. These wooden crossings definitely require full concentration...and a good sense of balance.

our tricky tightropes

... And on the subject of 'balance,' our tightropes are another treetop favourite. Unless you've spent the last few years at circus school, you'll find that our tightropes can be pretty challenging as well as extremely fun. The trick here is to not gaze at the ground beneath you. Look straight ahead of you and ignore your mates on the platform trying to make you laugh.

the scary stirrups

Dubbed our "most challenging obstacle," our treetop stirrups are a true test of physical and mental ability - perhaps that's why they're a forest favourite. Attempting to slot each foot in a tiny stirrup hole is one thing; catching hold of the next rope as it rocks and sways in the breeze is another! The stirrups also provide many a perfect-picture moment think starfish stances and painful split poses.


Our Tarzan swings are also up there with the most-loved Go Ape obstacles and it's easy to see why. Hurling yourself off a platform and jumping into a huge cargo net, all while letting your chums hear your loudest, most impressive Tarzan holler - what's not to love?! The Tarzan swings are also one of our most-feared obstacles. Many people stand on the platform for a couple of minutes, peering over the edge while attempting to muster up some courage. But, once you take that leap of faith, you'll feel amazing for it!


"A means to an end," "a fun finale," "a glorious climax" ... call them what you will, our zip wires our definitely one of our most-loved obstacles. We all love finishing on a high and our zip wires are certainly high. Expect spectacular views as your soar at speed before landing safety in a soft spot!