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Building A Team Day Out Proposal

Team building does what it says on the tin; it builds things - relationships, skills, even confidence. Before you even get to that point you'll need to put together a proposal to get the green light from the boss, and the most out of your team building experience.

It's not the activity itself that is important per se, but the experience and the effect it will have on the team (team building is a wondrous miracle cure when it comes to transforming even the grumpiest colleagues into the best of buds).

Here's an outline of what you need to propose to get approval from the powers that be for your team day out...


If you're putting a budget proposal together then we'd recommend you set aside at least £50 per head for each of your lovely workers. When it comes to cost, team building can quickly add up, so it's important to find an activity that's worth the dosh. And remember, it's not so much the cost that's important, but the value to your business. Even if you do pick something a little pricier, think of it as an investment.

Here at Go Ape, we're the least corporate, corporate team building activity that you could think of. With 31 locations across the UK, no matter where your office is, chances are, there's a Go Ape not too far away. Whether you fancy tackling our Tree Top Adventure or scooting along on a Forest Segway, prices start from around £35 - perfect even if you've got a modest budget.


When it comes to team building, the activity is key. New experiences help people bond, so something like Go Ape fits the bill perfectly. Go Ape ticks all the important boxes: find an unusual, exciting task so you can create memories together; spend time in the great outdoors; get all warm and fuzzy achieving things together. If you're looking for a meaty activity (or should we say, leafy?) that gets your staff working together, then Go Ape is a tree-mendous (sorry!) choice,


The aim of any team-building exercise worth its bark is to help strengthen relationships. Usually held in an informal setting, team building exercises are one of those somewhat dorky but still wholesome activities that help glue people together. Improving trust, cooperation and strengthening the communication channels in a team are all hugely important. Although you might not be able to take tangible results from team building, you'll notice the difference when it comes to strengthened relationships - and it's this that you need to get across to those who do the number crunching and sign off the budgets.

If you're looking for a team building activity that gets you outside and works up a sweat, then Go Ape is the forest-filled answer you've been searching for.

What are you waiting for? Are you ready to get your team into the trees? Request a quote today.