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There's Trekking and Then There's Zip Trekking!

Imagine this: You're in the middle of Grizedale Forest surrounded by hundreds (perhaps thousands) of beautiful, towering Douglas Firs. The sun is beating down and there isn't a cloud in sight. You're looking out over the lush green valley and all is silent apart from the occasional chirping of birds. Blissful.

The enchanting Grizedale Forest is as vast as it is beautiful and provides the perfect spot for an afternoon trek. The trails will take you deep into the heart of the forest where you'll come across numerous species of wildlife. You might also spot a few art sculptures along the way, too there are just over 50 permanent pieces to find.


How about, the next time you visit Grizedale Forest, you explore it in an entirely different way? And by 'entirely different,' we mean giving your legs a rest and exploring the forest by air instead!

"How do you do that?" we hear you ask. Well, it's simple on our new and (extremely) exciting Zip Trekking Adventure! We've practically made human flight possible (well, nearly), enabling you to get a bird's-eye view of the forest as you fly above the tree tops and through the valleys via seven different zip wires. Sounds pretty fun, huh?


There are actually no other obstacles involved, unless you count the rope ladders you climb to get up to the platforms. It's just zip, after zip, after zip, after zip...

We've got the largest network of zip wires anywhere in the UK and you'll cover a total 3km of ground (or shall we say, air?) during your experience. Estimated total flight time is around 2 hours (that's longer than a flight to the South of France).

So, what's included in your adventure other than the zip wires? Well, when you arrive at Go Ape you'll first be given a safety demonstration by a member of the Go Ape tribe, who will teach you how to use all of your zip wire equipment. Next up, you're going on a hike; a 20 minute hike through the beautiful forest and to the meeting point where one of the Go Ape Land Rovers will be waiting for you.

The car will drive you and your pals along the stunning mountain roads and to the training zip where you can get some practice at making a soft/graceful/painless landing before your real adventure begins. Then, once you've built your confidence up, the forest awaits you!

With the Go Ape Zip Trekking Adventure, you really do get the best of both worlds. You get to explore the stunning Grizedale Forest in numerous ways by foot, by car and by air. And as you make that soft, graceful and painless landing into that pile of woodchip waiting for you at the end of Zip 7, we guarantee you'll be doing so with an enormous grin across your face.

So, are you ready for a tree-mendous Zip Trekking Adventure? For more details, and to book, head to the Zip Trekking Adventure page on our website.