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Latin name: Regulus ingicapillus

Size: length 9cm, wingspan 13-16cm, weight 5-7g

Lifespan: up to 4 years

Diet: Mostly invertebrates such as insects and arachnids, they will also eat pollen.

Habitat: Both deciduous and coniferous trees, where they feed on the upward facing surface of leaves and branches.

Did you know? This tiny, restless jewel of a bird vies with the goldcrest for the title of the UK's smallest bird.

Compared to the goldcrest, the firecrest is brighter and 'cleaner' looking, with a green back, white belly, bronze 'collar' and a black and white eye-stripe. They have a yellow and black stripe on their heads, which has a bright orange centre in males.

Like goldcrests, they move through trees and bushes in search of small insects, but firecrests tend to feed on the top of leaves and branches, whilst goldcrests take insects from underneath.

Thetford Forest in Suffolk and Wendover Woods in the Chilterns are both home to the firecrest and awesome Go Ape adventures!

Where to find them

A UK map showing the range of the firecrest

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