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Nature Zone

We’re all about embracing our inner ape. We love to climb, swing from tree to tree and generally monkey around in the forest. We think apes and monkeys are brilliant, but we’re equally in awe of the less exotic creatures that we share our UK forests with. We think that the forest itself is wonderful too, in fact we reckon we’ve got the best office in the country.

It’s important to us that we operate sustainably and do our bit to look after our neighbours and the forest they call home. We also want to encourage other forest users to do the same, and one of the best ways to do that is to fascinate them with it and its inhabitants.

So, here’s a collection of the animals, fungi, plants and trees that can be found in Go Ape forests around the UK. We hope that you have fun finding out more about them, and perhaps you’ll spot one on your next Go Ape adventure.





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