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Red Squirrel

Latin name: Sciurus vulgaris

Size: body 19-23cm, tail 15-20cm

Lifespan: 3-7years

Diet: Mostly seeds and nuts, but they'll also eat fungi, berries and young plant shoots.

Habitat: Woodland; including coniferous, deciduous and a mixture of both.

In the UK red squirrels are mostly confined to the coniferous forests of Northern England and Scotland as grey squirrels out compete them for food in broadleaf deciduous habitats.

Did you know? Red squirrels are our native squirrel, and for years have been on the decline due to the introduction of the grey squirrel from North America. Their numbers are slowly stabilising in Scotland, partly thanks to the pine martin, a ferret like mustelid that predates on grey squirrel.

Red squirrels can swim!

Where to find them

UK map showing the range of the red squirrel

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