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Speckled Wood Butterfly

Latin name: Pararge aegeria

Size: Average wingspan 5.1cm, both males and females are the same size.

Lifespan: 6-7 months as a caterpillar, up to 3 weeks as an adult

Diet: Honey dew found in the treetops, which is a sugary liquid secreted by aphids as they feed on sap.

Habitat: Primarily woodland environments, particularly forest areas where there is a mixture of shade and sunlight.

Speckled Wood butterflies can also be found in meadows and other grassy habitats, as well as in urban areas where there are parks, gardens and hedges.

Did you know? Speckled Woods are the only butterflies that can hibernate as either a caterpillar or a chrysalis.

The colour of the adult butterflies varies across its range from north to south. Northern subspecies are dark brown with whiter spots, where is in south the spots are more orange.

Where to find them

UK map showing the range of the speckled wood butterfly

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