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Treetop Challenge

Dare to push yourself outside of your limits? Surpass your expectations with a Treetop Challenge that allows you to choose the intensity level. Built as a demanding and daring high ropes course - focus on yourself and your own sense of accomplishment as you tackle the route through the trees and feel that adrenaline rush rising as you shoot between platforms. Whether rallying together with your friends or a solo adventurer looking for a challenge, this one will leave you buzzing.

16+ regular price: £33
Under 15 regular price: £28

Up to 20% off early bookings with promotional code*: ADVANCED
*Bookings cannot be cancelled, refunded or changed. Terms and conditions apply. Find out more here.

Prices from: £22.40

Adventure Overview

  • Safety

    Continuous Belay

  • Duration

    2-3 hours

  • Difficulty

    Go Easy/Moderate

  • Highest Platform


  • Longest Zip


  • Maximum Weight

    20.5 stone (130kg)

  • Minimum Age

    All ages

  • Minimum Height

    1.4m (4ft 7")

practical information

  • We had a family party at were so well looked after and encouraged by the staff.

    Fiona Peters

  • Took my 11 year old son and we loved it! We need more recreation like this! The time flew and was much better than sitting in watching the idiot box.

    philip reed

  • Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    L F

  • Go Ape was the best! Some activities were scary at first, but they all turned out great! Also, all the people who worked there were really supportive and encouraging! When I got to the end of one of the courses I had to wait for the rest of my group to get there. I desperately wanted to go on Course 3 but the rest of my group didn’t. Then they let me go up there with a person who worked there so I could do even without the rest of my group! In the end, I chose to do a thing called the plummet. I got really scared, but the man up there with me helped me and supported me and when I finally did it, it was really fun! I wish I could go there again and again! The team there always help to keep you safe! Go Ape was the best and a really good experience!

    Go Ape fan

  • Really great day for the kids. They were nervous at first but once we had the guide join them at the top, they were fine. My little one is only 6 so I did think they would have a guide from the start. I was supporting from the ground, but you do really need a little support with you, at the top. On the third bit he got a little stuck in the rope with his feet, which caused a small queue of about 8 other kids to build up behind him. This is when the guide came along and from that moment they were all fine! So overall a really fun and exciting day. I would only comment that a guide should be present, at the top, leading the little ones through. There were many very friendly staff, but all on the ground . Great day.


  • Great day out at Go Ape. Instructors fab.

    Sarah Monk