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Here’s a few bits just so you can be sure that you’re totally safe in the trees.

Our Risk Assessment details how we’ve made your time in the trees as risk free as possible.

Here’s a bit more about safety at site

We know that when you’re 40-feet up in the air and walking across a wire the thickness of one of your fingers, you need to know you’re safe.

Before you head out onto the course, you’ll be given a half-hour safety briefing by one of our qualified experienced instructors. Here you’ll learn and try out the obstacles at low levels, and get to grips with the equipment.

It’s not complicated, but its important stuff and it will give you confidence to enjoy your time up in the trees. After your training we won’t supervise you on a one to one basis. You’ll be responsible for yourselves on the course and for any under 18′s that you have signed for.

There’s benefits to healthy risk
You can’t teach young people about risk from a text book – they need some practical experience. Go Ape believes that seeking to remove all risk from children’s experiences ultimately leaves them ill equipped for adult and working life. No risk equals no development and we’re here to provide a great learning experience for children.

It’s worth us pointing out that three times as many children are taken to hospital each year after falling out of bed, as from falling out of trees.

There’s courses all over the country for you to enjoy and we’ve put together a whole heap of frequently asked questions so you can get to grips with everything that is “Go Ape”.