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You can be rest assured at Go Ape. We know our business in the trees.

Our Tree Top Challenge

Helmet Policy

Tree Top Challenge Risk Assessment Part One

Tree Top Challenge Risk Assessment Part Two

Continuous Belay Risk Assessment

Risk Acknowledgement and Disclaimer

Battersea Risk Acknowledgement and Disclaimer

Safety Rules & Advice

Battersea Safety Rules and Advice

Booking Terms and Conditions

Product and Services Terms and Conditions

Forest Segway
Forest Segway Risk Acknowledgement and Disclaimer

Forest Segway Risk Assessment

Forest Segway Safety Rules and Advice

Forest Segway Booking Terms and Conditions

Forest Segway Product and Services Terms and Conditions
Tree Top Adventure
Junior Safety Rules and Advice

Tree Top Adventure Risk Assessment (all continuous belay)

Junior Risk Acknowledgement and Consent Form

Junior Booking Terms and Conditions

Junior Product and Services Terms and Conditions
Nets Kingdom
Nets Kingdom Risk Assessment

Zip Trekking Adventure

Zip Trekking Safety Rules and Advice

Zip Trekking Risk Acknowledgement and Disclaimer

Zip Trekking Risk Assessment


Forest Biking
Forest Biking Disclaimer

Forest Biking Risk Assessment

Corporate & Events

Corporate Events Booking Terms and Conditions


Certificate of British Activity Providers Association (BAPA) Membership

The Gift of Adventure (Our Gift Vouchers)
Gift Voucher Terms & Conditions


Additional documents

Go Ape Insurance Certificate

Website Terms of Use

Privacy Notice

Advice on Accessibility

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