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Two-wheeled Adventures

  • Sophie
  • 20th April 2016

We spend a lot of time on our feet walking, running, and simply standing still. So, it's only right to give our tootsies a well-earned rest every once in a while!

When we say 'rest,' we don't necessarily mean putting your feet up on the sofa and not shifting an inch all day. There is a way to rest your feet whilst remaining active: by swapping two legs for two wheels and embracing the great outdoors!

Wheely good fun

Many adventures can be had on two wheels. And rolling (instead of walking) around with your friends and family in tow will make your adventures far more exciting!

First, you need to pick your mode of transport the obvious choice for many will be the humble bicycle. There are thousands of cycle routes in the UK to choose from, all ranging in distance and difficulty. The Sustrans website contains a comprehensive list of routes along with maps, summaries, free leaflets (where available) and related route links.

For some off-road fun, head to one of the UK's woods or forests.

Depending on your skill level and who's riding with you, you can take your pick from leisurely trails to dedicated, graded mountain bike routes. And if you don't own your own set of wheels, many of the forests have bike hire facilities. The Forestry Commission website contains all the information you need.

Here's another two-wheeled suggestion: scooters! Scooters can be just as fun as bikes, whether your little ones ride them to school, to the shops, or use them to pull some impressive stunts at the local skate park.

There's also a strong argument for adults hopping aboard a scooter, too! Not only is scooting a fun way to travel, but it cuts down journey times, helps you save on petrol, and is good for toning those leg muscles! Choosing to scoot instead of drive a car or catch the bus into work also reduces your carbon footprint plus, your kids will (probably) think you're mega cool! Still not convinced? You might be after reading this micro-scooter article.

If you're keen on exploring the forest on two wheels, you don't always have to opt for a bike!

If you visit Go Ape, for instance, you could choose to ride one of our all-terrain, self-balancing Forest Segways! The very latest in green technology, our electric Segways will take you off the beaten track, enabling you to explore the wonders of the forest as you weave your way in and out of the trees. It's an adventure not to be missed.

Our Forest Segway Experience is available at 11 of our adventures across the UK and costs just £35. Included in your experience are a safety demo, practice session, and a totally unforgettable forest experience. You'll be covering some serious ground on your adventure and will be rolling on everything from simple pathways to truly testing trails. That's why one of the Go Ape tribe will make sure you've mastered the art of balance before letting you roam free!

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