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2022 Adventure Highlights

Published on: 05/01/23


It's been a BIG and bold year for the Go Ape Tribe!

Whether it be our intrepid co-owners out creating amazing memories far and wide, or our evolving adventure-seeking community sending in your 2022 adventure highlights - we salute you.

2022 is in the books and we're so grateful for every single one of you who joined us for an action-packed day out. We can't wait for another year full of treetop, zip-lining, and forest fun.

But first, let's look back at 10 of our favourite adventure highlights from across our Go Ape community. Plus, 5 wild Naturally Powered Adventures that our teams across the UK organised and got stuck into.

Maybe you’ll get inspired for your 2023 adventure goal planning...

10 Adventure Highlights

1. A wild wander

"Hiking in the Cairngorms and watching a Golden Eagle silently soar above my head followed by a Red Squirrel watching me from a Caledonian pine"

- Anna C.

2. A good samaritan

"I litterpicked for 24 hours around Torbay to raise money for Sue Ryder! It was crazy!"

- Hannah B.

3. a micro-adventure

"Camping in our back garden for the first time. It was really scary!"

- Anna W.

4. A shared experience

"This year for her birthday, I took my daughter camping, just the two of us, as someone quite new to driving, it was the furthest I have ever driven, we ziplined, saw tiny shoals of fish as we swam in the sea, we watched the sunset together, we also took the wrong camping gas so we couldn't cook anything or make a hot drink  but it was a great adventure"

- Claire T.H.

5. A Family First

"First family mountain walk achieved, we all spent 7hrs walking up and down Yr Wyddfa with our 6yr old and 10yr old. They saw the train, the rescue helicopter on a training exercise, mountain sheep, lots of interesting bugs, flora and fauna. They had lots of rests and talked in depth about ice creams and cakes when we were so close to the summit that they didn't feel they could do it anymore. Sandwiches on top followed by mummy and daddy having to jog after them all the way back down as they discovered the effects of downhill walking and sprinting around like baby mountain goats. Planning further adventures this year."

- Francesca C.

6. A poetic trip

"Malham Cove had long been a goal. Climbing the steps was great for your soul. View was impressive lived up to the hype. Even my feet managed not to gripe. It made me smile & feel fulfilled. Amazing phenomenon was just as billed. Now it's time to add more to my list. Let's do this 2023 Go Ape can't be missed!"

- Lindsay A.

7. A Peruvian Wonder

"A long awaited COVID delayed trip to Peru. We hiked the Inca Trail up to Machu Picchu and then on to the Rainbow Mountains"

- Lucy S.


8. A Skyline stomp

"A 20km hike around the Bath Skyline in the summer was definitely my adventure highlight. Exploring such a beautiful city and taking in all the new sights"

- Beth

9. A Thrilling challenge

"This year’s biggest adventure was riding down blue mountain bike trails in South Wales with my 12 year old son. I only learnt to ride a bike during lockdown (aged 46!) so it’s been a huge and thrilling challenge for me and just shows that you can teach an old dog new tricks after all!"

- Di C. 

10. A Go Ape Adventure

“My favourite adventure this year was finally being able to visit @goape_delamere after losing 8 stone and finally being under the maximum weight limit. I’ve wanted to do go ape all my life but - never been light enough too. It was genuinely one of the best days of my life & I made some incredible memories!! I will never forget the day I had lost enough weight to explore the treetops!! Incredible memories made.”
- Zoe


Go Ape’s Naturally Powered Adventures

Our mission is to empower adventurers of all kinds, customers and co-owners alike. We made this a reality last year by sending over 100 co-owners across 10 Naturally Powered Adventures around the UK and abroad.

Naturally Powered Adventures are heavily subsidised adventure trips led by Go Ape, designed to make adventure accessible for our co-owners. They can take you anywhere around the world doing anything from paddleboarding to hiking a 4,000m+ mountain.

Let’s see the 5 highlights of what our co-owners got up to this year.

Go ape co-owners on camels in Morocco

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Trip to Morocco

Back in May, our Naturally Powered Adventures kicked off with a 3-part trip over 7 days, including an expedition up Mount Toubkal (4137m), camel trekking in the desert of Essaouira, and an exploration of Marrakesh.

Read the full blog post

Lake District Adventure

9 co-owners headed to the Lake District for 3 days of adventure with an action-packed itinerary full of hikes, rock climbing, and paddle boarding. 

Read the full blog post

Go ape co-owners hiking in the Lake District
Go Ape co-owner rock climbing in Spain with landscape view below

Spanish Rock Climbing Trip

Go Ape Tribe members from all across the UK set off for Costa Blanca to enjoy a week of Spanish sun, rocks, and adventure in October.

Read the full blog post

The Welsh 3000’s

A 3-day expedition across 14 notoriously difficult Welsh peaks - all over 3000ft.

Read the full blog post

Go Ape co-owners with backpacks hiking in Wales
Go Ape co-owners paddleboarding in Northumberland

Northumberland SUP Trip

A 2-day Stand-up Paddle boarded (SUP) trip along the Northumberland Coast, which included cold water dipping, wild camping and even creating a makeshift Finnish sauna tent.

Read the full blog post

If your New Year's resolution is to seek more adventurous fun or you're still pondering on your 2023 adventure goals - don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

Find your nearest location to secure your next adventure today. Or interested in working at Go Ape and enjoying benefits like this action-packed Naturally Powered Adventure? Discover our current vacancies and apply to join the Go Ape Tribe today.

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