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Taking School Outside!

There’s more than one reason to celebrate this Guy Fawkes Day – it’s also Outdoor Classroom Day!

Although England is now in a second lockdown, schools are remaining open; meaning that children can get creative in the playground. Whilst we are all having to stay a little closer to home this year, we at Go Ape know the power of the outdoors and how it can help aid learning for all ages.

We see it across all our 34 locations daily when we're open and taking school bookings. The scared become confident and leaders are born. So why does Outdoor Classroom Day focus on one day in the year? 

Outdoor Classroom Day is a global movement in which brings children all over the world outside to celebrate loving the outdoors. It encourages schools and children to go outside each day. 

We’ve all been stuck inside a lot more than any of us would like this year. Our homes have turned into schools and our gardens have been our playgrounds, but this Outdoor Classroom Day is the perfect chance to get back into and discover nature.

We can’t wait to see you all back at Go Ape – where could be better to spend the day learning outdoors, swinging through the trees, and braving our most dizzying challenges. Let the countdown to reopening begin!

We know a little bit about learning outdoors so we'd love to share some of our handy tips on how you can incorporate some of the key lesson learnings outside of the classroom. 


Wandering around a beautiful forest can be the perfect inspiration to get your students’ creative juices flowing. As they gaze at the towering treetops and the winter wildflowers, let them enter the mindset of an author.
Why not challenge students to write a poem or a short story and let the great outdoors reveal their budding literary talent.


There's no escaping maths - is the foundation of everything, space, time and even the weekly shop! So it should be of no surprise that there are several ways in which you and your students can learn how to implement maths in the great outdoors and also our sites.

Whether you are looking to understand the use of money and percentages, develop your knowledge on how to apply and understand numbers, or find about more about trees using maths skills, our forests can help. 


Our sites are also great visual inspiration for an outdoor art lesson.
Why not challenge your students to create a sculpture made exclusively from forest materials; or perhaps they could draw a stunning natural scene? Help them find their inner Monet with the forest as inspiration.


Now for science! Regardless of age, there are numerous science topics to teach your students in the forest.
If they’re a bit younger, let them test their nature skills by spotting and identifying creatures from centipedes to squirrels. Or maybe teach them about the hundreds of plant and animal ecosystems that exist in the forest and the species that are under threat?
Let's also not forget about gravity and how important this force is to all of our Go Ape sites, in particular to the zip lines. Learning and experiencing science in action is all part of the fun because as we all know what goes up must come down! 


For their Geography class, why not use the forest around you as a comparison to the thousands of other forests around the world. Teach them about the importance of the environment around them and how climate change is impacting our forests. 
Alternatively, test their map reading skills with an orienteering challenge through the forest. 


Many of our Go Ape sites have long and fascinating histories from the classic Sherwood Forest to historic heritage sites like Crathes Castle in Aberdeen and Leeds Castle in Kent. Pop into the visitor or information centre to learn more about our sites and see if you can encourage your students to learn a little more about the history of the forests around them.


Now for everyone’s favourite lesson - P.E.!

Whether they have a passion for heights or are just raring to race around, Go Ape can help you out. Test your students’ teambuilding skills with our Gorilla Games or take to the treetops with our Treetop Adventure, Treetop Challenge and Treetop Nets courses. It’ll be the perfect end to your outdoor adventure day!

This Outdoor Adventure Day show your students how much there really is to learn from the environments around them – and maybe even spark a passion for the outdoors.

Once we can open again, bring your students, and discover how our sites offer the perfect balance of challenging adventure and super scenery to entice even the most reluctant learner.

You can find out more about this year's campaign 'Love the Outdoors' and the movement at