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The Benefits of Outdoor Education

Published on: 12/04/2024

At Go Ape we combine fun and education in a natural environment, offering outdoor adventures which facilitate incredible opportunities to learn outside of the classroom.

Go Ape is a School Travel Award (STA) winning attraction, which has been awarded Learning Outside of the Classroom (LOtC) Quality Badges at 26 of our locations where continuous belay tree top courses are in operation. The LOtC is a nationally recognised indicator of quality educational school trips, which combines two essential elements: learning and safety.

Read on to discover the physical and mental benefits of outdoor learning and how Go Ape can enhance Primary School, Secondary School and Further Education learning.

What is Outdoor Learning?


Outdoor learning is an educational approach which encourages students to engage with nature.

As a certified LOtC accredited provider, Go Ape promotes hands-on, experiential learning. Beyond academia, outdoor learning nurtures emotional, social, and physical development, fostering key skills such as teamwork, resilience, and creativity.

Research supports the numerous benefits of learning outside the classroom. It's known to improve mental well-being, increase focus, and encourage a healthier lifestyle.

Experience Outdoor Learning with Go Ape


To meet different educational needs, Go Ape offers outdoor learning experiences tailored to various age groups and abilities. Plus, highly trained instructors ensure participant's safety while facilitating a fun-filled educational journey.

Our ground-based and high ropes adventures include obstacles and challenges which provide an immersive learning experience in the outdoors. Every participant must fully engage in the adventure before them as they tackle zip lines, tricky crossings and team challenges.

Primary School Trips

With 29 locations for Primary Schools across the UK, our programmes allow educators to seamlessly extend learning beyond the classroom.

  • Prices starting from £14 per schoolchild*, and supervisors are complimentary.

Secondary School Trips

There are 29 locations tailored for Secondary Schools across the UK filled with adventures which facilitate learning experiences beyond the confines of the traditional classroom setting.

  • Prices start from £14 per student*, and complimentary supervision for educators.
Group of children on Go Ape School Trip with Go Ape instructor

Further education

Further Education Trips can help students overcome both physical and mental challenges. Our activity days are tailored to suit individual needs and help encourage students to develop self-esteem, broaden their horizons and build self-confidence.

Home Education Days

Go Ape hosts Home Education Days to give families the opportunity to meet fellow home educators and enjoy an outdoor experience in the trees.

At selected locations, there is the choice of either our Treetop Adventure, Treetop Adventure Plus, Treetop Challenge or Nets Adventure courses. All of our courses offer children adventurous fun as they make their way through the trees negotiating crossings and completing obstacles.

Participants will receive our discounted school rate, starting at £15pp for our Treetop Adventure course.

Adventures in the Trees

suitable for Key Stages 1 - 3
from £14 per child
  • 1 to 2 hour high ropes activity featuring intricate crossings, wobbly bridges and brilliant zip wires finales
  • 29 locations across the UK

Supervision ratio: One adult can supervise up to 8 children aged 6-15 from the ground or on the activity. However, under 6's need adult supervision in the trees.

Suitable for Key Stages 2 - 4
from £18 per child
  • 1 to 2 hour high ropes activity which is an extension to Treetop Adventure featuring more challenging obstacles, higher platforms and longer zips
  • 23 locations across the UK

Supervision ratio: One adult can supervise up to 8 children aged 6-15 years from the ground or on the activity.


Suitable for Key Stages 3 - 4
From £20 per child
  • 2-3 hour experience featuring tarzan swings, zip wires and wobbly obstacles that build confidence, teamwork and communication
  • 34 locations across the UK

Supervision ratio: Dependent on location, please enquire for further details. 

Suitable for Key Stages 1 - 4
from £14 per child
  • One hour activity set high above the forest floor, Nets Adventure is designed to test stamina and balance
  • Available at 3 locations

Supervision ratio: One adult can supervise up to five children aged 6-15 from the ground or on the activity.

Adventures on the Ground

Suitable for Key Stages 1-4
From £8 per child for primary schools and £10 for secondary schools
  • 1 hour activity available at 28 locations
  • Age appropriate activity recommended for children 8 and above. The brand new board game boasts an hour of exciting physical and mental challenges

Supervision ratio: We recommend one adult for 10 children.

suitable for Key Stages 1 - 2
£8 per child
  • Age appropriate games for children 6 and above that develop key life skills; communication, leadership and teamwork
  • 27 locations across the UK

Supervision ratio: We recommend one adult for 10 children.

Group playing gorilla games at Go Ape

Suitable for Key Stages 3 & 4
£10 per child
  • Age appropriate games and challenges for young people 11 years and above.
  • Tasks will test students physically and cognitively, requiring them to step outside of the comfort zone, whilst fostering communication skills and creativity.
  • 27 locations across the UK.

Supervision ratio: We recommend one adult for 10 children.

Group playing team games at Go Ape

Benefits of Outdoor Learning

Including outdoor learning into the curriculum enhances traditional classroom teaching practices. This immersive educational method promotes a holistic approach to learning and can nurture a deep connection with the natural environment. It enhances critical skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, and communication through hands-on outdoor learning activities and exploration.

Many schools have incorporated outdoor learning into their curriculum through school trips, outdoor classrooms, and collaborations with outdoor education providers.

This approach has led to positive results, including increased student engagement, improved academic performance, and overall well-being. Go Ape is committed to supporting schools on this journey, offering tailored outdoor learning programs and experiences.

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