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Easter Holidays: A Teen's Perfect Day

A Teenager's Ultimate Easter Holiday Family Day Out


By Arthur, aged 13.


If you are a parent wondering what to do with your child or children in the Easter holidays, this is a teenager’s perspective of what a perfect active family day out would be.

Let's start our active family day out...slowly!

There are many things I would love to do on the Easter weekend and in the holidays. This day is going to be awesome, but to start off, I would have a lie in! As a teenager, sleep is particularly important.

a sketch of ateenager enjoying a lay in bed before an active Easter holiday day out with their family

Fuel Up for an Active Family Day Out

a bowl of breakfast cereal the perfect fuel before an active day out at Easter

After that, it’s time for some breakfast with my family. My favourite breakfast is cereal, simple but delicious.

Once we all finish our breakfast, I would play video games with my brothers, it’s chilled and a great holiday activity in the Easter school holidays, or any school holiday.

a video game controller for a gentle start to an active family day out in the Easter holidays

It's time to get ouT for The Ultimate Easter Holiday Activities

I love to get outside in the Easter holidays, especially when the weather is good. I don’t want to be resting all day as I like having active holidays.

One of my favourite outdoor activities to do at really any time of the year is Go Ape, I love the thrill of being high in the air, and I love going there with my friends and having a fun time.

a sketch of a poy on a Go Ape zip wire part of an active holiday at Easter

My favourite activity at Go Ape is the Nets Adventure, my little brother loves it too. There are large nets in the air that you can bounce around on and play with bouncy balls on.

There is also a smaller, lower net for people that are nervous to go on the big nets (that used to be me!).

a Go Ape Nets Adventure course the perfect activity for the Easter holidays

There is also Forest Segways for teenagers like me, where you can ride on Segways into the woods.

What I love about Go Ape is just the variety of things that you can do and the fact that it is all outdoors which is good for your physical and mental health.

I've also made friends up in the nets and trees as there are a lot of people that are a similar age to me.

Forest Segways at Go Ape a fun activey holiday experience for teenagers

Now for an Easter holiday treat!

After I've gone to Go Ape, I would maybe get an ice cream at the cafe there and then head home with my family.

a ice cream make sa great treak after an active holiday activity such as Go Ape

Dinner and Chill

catching up with freinds ont he phone after an active Easter holiday family day out

I would be quite tired after all that running about on an active holiday, so I would chill with my brothers or maybe call my friends.

Then, for dinner I would have one of my favourite foods, spinach and ricotta filled fresh pasta, yum! After an active holiday day out, I’ll definitely want to re-fuel.

re-fuelling with a bowl of pasta after  a day of Easter holiday activities

more Easter holiday activities

After all that pasta, I would 100% have the energy to go outside and play with my brothers. We like to play football in the garden, and I especially like bouncing on my pogo stick (but my family definitely doesn't like the noise it makes!).

Once my little brother goes to bed, my family and I would watch a TV series together before I go to bed. Having and active holiday means plenty of rest to recharge too!

a pogo stick to continue the active holidayt at easter

Overall, I think having a mix of outdoor adventure and indoor rest makes the perfect Easter holiday day out for me.

Discover the Ultimate Easter Holiday Activities

Go Ape this Easter

a boy in a colourful top on a Go Ape zip wir ein the forest part of an active family day out at Easter