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The most memorable school trips are often the most unusual ones; unconventional, adventurous, challenging – and lucky for you, we have all three of those things in one.

Our award-winning school trips are tailored and designed to suit your learning objectives and help develop life skills, encourage personal development and build self-confidence.

It's proven that being outdoors and in nature greatly benefits mental and physical health, and we love it when young people come to life while they're tackling our adventures.

Here are just some of the ways that Go Ape School Trips help develop and support young people.

1. Mental Health Benefits   

At its core, Go Ape school trips help children step away from their everyday classroom and enjoy a day of learning and adventure in the forest.

According to the mental health charity, Mind, spending time outdoors in nature can benefit mental and physical wellbeing. They also agree that bringing a little nature into your life can have additional positive effects like reducing feelings of stress and anger, improving your mood and helping you to feel more relaxed.   

Child celebrating at the bottom of a Go Ape zip wire

2. Teambuilding   

It is more important than ever to get young people together outdoors and to think on their feet in an increasingly virtual world.  

Go Ape Treetop Adventure and Treetop Challenge packages can help develop bonding and teambuilding skills as participants support each other on their journeys from the steps to the ziplines.   

Go Ape Gorilla Games are an hour-long session with age-appropriate games for children six years and above. We tailor the games to meet the teacher's learning objectives and often involve activities like mix and match games, tug-of-war and special awareness exercises. Go Ape ground-based games are also specifically designed to foster teambuilding skills.   

Go Ape's newest adventure, Esc-APE is an age-appropriate activity for children eight and above. Pupils will need all their wits and wiles to work together to solve clues and make their escape before they run out of time.

Children team building at Go Ape.

3. Boost confidence

It's amazing to see the shine in children's eyes when they reach the end of a zipline and watch the grin split across their face as they look up a zipline from where they just travelled.

When school groups set off on a Go Ape adventure, often, at least, a couple of children are cautious about the journey ahead.

However, by the end, you can see that most kids quite literally feel ten feet tall after having conquered zips, wobbly crossings, Tarzan Swings and even their nerves about being in a different environment.

School trip at Go Ape

4. Bring topics to life  

Since you're already in a forest, why not make the most of your surroundings with nature and outdoor-based learning?   

Go Ape provides a whole host of learning resources that can make outdoor learning a breeze, whether you're looking for an activity to do alongside your class activity or if you're looking to do something educational at home. Remember also to check out our new Nature Zone to see some of the other animals you can find in our forests.  

Martin Hudson, The Guardian: "School trips can make a major contribution to the acquisition of knowledge and development of skills. Studies of the natural and man-made world, the present and past, science and arts, language and music can all be enhanced outside the classroom. Adventure activity and sports skills can form the foundation of life-long interests, as well as address the health and obesity agendas."  

Teenagers talking to Go Ape instructor.

5. Fun!

Most of all Go Ape is all about having fun outdoors with your friends! Let your group have a wild time outdoors, as they spend some quali-tree time sharing adventures with each other.

Whether your group chooses to participate in ground-based games, our Forest Esc-APE or one of our treetop adventure, we are sure there'll be smiles all around by the end of their Go Ape experience.

What do schools say about school trips at go ape?

"The staff at Temple Newsam were fantastic! Colton will definitely be back. The children felt supported and enjoyed the challenge."
Colton Primary – July 2021

"The children had an amazing time. It is an experience they will remember. It helped them to face their fears and learn self-belief, and supporting others."
Welbourne Primary School –July 2021

"Our time at Haldon was brilliant, and the children absolutely loved the Treetop Adventure. The Go Ape team at the Haldon Site were wonderful with the children, and they would all like to return!"
Ladysmith Junior School –July 21

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