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2024 Adventure Resolutions

Last updated: 02/01/2024

A Guide to Setting Your 2024 Adventure Goals

Push Your Limits

The best goals are about experiencing or achieving something new. It doesn’t have to be something physical, but it could be, perhaps taking on a challenge that will take you to new levels of fitness.

Your resolutions could also push your courage or technical limits, and goals that fall into these categories are every bit as worthwhile.

Are you nervous of heights? Maybe challenge yourself to take on a Go Ape adventure.   

Mix Them Up

So, you’ve got the adventure bug and you want to spend more time outdoors this year. You’re speaking our language! Our advice is to choose a selection of adventure goals that aren’t just about one thing.

If you love mountains, it’s going to get a little dry to make every goal for 2024 about climbing to the top of them. How about enjoying the mountains by wild camping amongst them, or wild swimming in a mountain lake, perhaps even taking a mountaineering course to learn new ways to climb them.

Tent on a hill on a wild camping expedition next to a lake

Keep Them Achievable

In 2023, our co-owners set off on some incredible international expeditions, including adventures to Morocco and Nepal. In Morocco they summited the highest mountain in North Africa, Mount Toubkal, camel trekked in the desert and visited the bustling city of Marrakesh.    

However, very few people feel that they can take such large expeditions. It’s great to have big dreams, and it’s also important to push your limits , but fun smaller goals are more achievable. As the saying goes, "the journey of 1000 miles starts with one step". If you start with one small step, who knows what you could do or how far you can go! 

Learn New Skills (And Meet New People)

New skills could be the key to unlocking new adventures. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to try but feel a bit out of your depth, then taking a course could be the best way to get started. You’ll also meet likeminded people and may even find a new adventure buddy.

On a similar note, clubs can also be a great place to meet new people and pick up some new skills too. Dotted around the country and online are clubs for mountaineering, climbing, wild swimming, cycling, water sports and many more.

Person gesturing with hand underneath waterfall

Big Ones and Little Ones

Big lofty targets are important to keep us ticking and give us something exciting to look forward to. It’s also great to have some smaller adventure goals to look forward to on a week-by-week basis, things that don’t require so much planning and preparation, but still give you that sense of escape. It’s all about the quick wins!

Check out Al Humphreys book called Microadventures for some inspiration.

Who Will You Adventure With?

New relationships are often formed on adventures but getting out there with someone that’s already a good mate is sure to create some amazing memories and experiences.

Have a think about who you’d like to invite along on some of your adventures this year. Or, attack it from the other angle, think who you most want to go on an adventure with, then let the journey start there towards choosing your adventure.

Group of friends hiking up a hill on an adventure together

Get Inspired

Books, magazines, YouTube and adventure film festivals are all super places to get inspired for your adventure goals, but if you need another source of inspiration then check out what a few of our tribe have planned for 2024.

"To complete the Bob Graham Fell Run. This is a fell running challenge in the English Lake District which involves traversing 42 fells (hills) over a 66-mile course with 27,000 feet of elevation gain!"

- Leah, Grizedale Instructor

"I want to challenge myself to get outside and move my body more - at least 1 outdoor adventure (big or small) a week!"

- Megan Singelton, Whinlatter Site Manager

"I joined Go Ape in 2023 and i'm looking forward to visiting more Go Ape locations sites in 2024!"

- Scott Baines, Marketing Team 

"To climb some more hills, peaks and mountains with my family!"

- Jo O' Boyle, Marketing Director 

"Get a new solid sided canoe to take the dogs and take the kids out for safari on Coniston Waters."

- Tom, Grizedale Instructor

"Get fitter and start climbing some mountains... hopefully in preparation for my dream of climbing to Everest Basecamp. One day!"

- Rachel Cross, Finance Team

It’s About the Journey AND The Destination

Take it from us, some goals just aren’t going to be achieved first time, and usually there’s someone there telling you it’s about the journey, not the destination. On the flip side, we’ve all met single minded, highly determined people on such a mission to achieve something they forget to stop and smell the roses.

Our take is that both the journey and the destination are equally important. Make a special effort to savour every moment of your achievements, but enjoy the ride top also.

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