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Get Outdoors and Get Fit this Spring

Did you end up devouring a few too many chocolate eggs this Easter weekend!? We tried to control ourselves, we really did, but there’s something about Easter egg chocolate that makes it oh so very irresistible!

We all deserve to treat ourselves (and treat ourselves we did!) once in a while, so long as we balance it out with a generous helping of exercise. One other thing to remember is to pack in plenty of fresh, healthy meals to fuel our bodies and minds.


Speaking of exercise, if running a treadmill doesn’t tick your boxes, or the very thought of a HIIT class makes you sweat (and not in a good way), why not get fit in the great outdoors? Yes, we’re biased, but working out surrounded by nature is far more motivating and inspiring than being stuck in the confines of a gym.

Here’s the thing...a blast around one of our award-winning Tree Top Adventure courses can burn away hundreds of calories. But you’ll be having so much fun swinging from tree to tree with your furry tribe, you won’t even realise you’re exercising! The only time you’ll realise you’ve had a proper workout is later on at home, when your aching muscles prove that you’ve definitely pushed yourself!

Up in the canopy, you’ll balance on tightropes, crawl through bridges, climb up ladders and clamber across nets. Every single obstacle is a mini workout in itself – except maybe the zip wires, which are a chance for you to sit back, relax, spread your arms wide and embrace that wind-in-your-face feeling, before landing in a soft and squidgy pile of woodchip.

Zipwire action selfie

So, just how many cals can you expect to burn? Well, male Tarzans who take on a TTA can burn a whopping 660 calories in 100-120 minutes – the equivalent of a six-inch pepperoni pizza (or a small Easter egg). Meanwhile, Janes can shed up to 510 calories, which is the same as a bacon double-cheeseburger (or two and a half Creme Eggs)! Impressive, huh?

If you want to go all out on your outdoor exercise regime, you could combine a Tree Top Adventure with a run through the forest. Or why not hire a bunch of mountain bikes and test out the nearby trails?

With the weather finally improving (yippee!) it couldn’t be a better time to head outside and work on your health and fitness goals for 2018. So, what are you waiting for? The outdoors is calling… Get out there and embrace it! 

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