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Planning Your Go Ape School Trip Guide

Published on: 29/01/2024

Looking for a fun and educational school trip for your students?

Go Ape offers award-winning primary school trips and secondary school trips that seamlessly integrate fun and learning. Our expertly crafted and age-appropriate activities, for 4-16-year-olds, guarantee an adventure tailored to each group. From heart-pounding tree top adventures to engaging ground-based games, we take pride in creating memories that students and teachers alike will cherish.

In this guide, we will let you know everything you need to create a memorable and valuable school trip for your pupils.

Why Go Ape?

Go Ape’s dedication to safety, exhilarating experiences, and educational value makes us one of the top picks for school outings. We are Learning Outside of the Classroom (LoTC) accredited and hold the RoSPA Gold Award for health and safety practices. We’re also proud to have been selected as School Travel Award winners and finalist since 2017!

Our Locations

Choose from 37 stunning locations, which fuse fun and learning in a unique way. From Moors Valley Country Park in Dorset to Dalkeith in Scotland, every location offers a fresh space for children to learn and experience an outdoor adventure.

Our Adventures

Go Ape offers a variety of exciting adventure options suitable for primary and secondary schools. Whether you're planning a school trip or looking for team building activities, there's something for everyone.

In the Trees

Treetop Adventure


Treetop Adventure is suitable for Key Stages 1 - 3.

From £14 per child

  • 1- 2 hour high ropes activity featuring intricate crossings, wobbly bridges and brilliant zip wires finales.
  • 27 locations across the UK.

Supervision ratio: One adult can supervise up to 8 children aged 6-15 from the ground or on the activity. However, under 6's need adult supervision in the trees.

Treetop Adventure Plus


Treetop Adventure Plus is suitable for Key Stages 2 - 4.

From £18 per child

  • 1- 2 hour high ropes activity which is a level up from Treetop Adventure featuring more challenging obstacles, higher platforms and longer zips.
  • 18 locations across the UK.

Supervision ratio: One adult can supervise up to 8 children aged 6-15 years from the ground or on the activity.

Nets Adventure


Nets Adventure is suitable for Key Stages 1 - 4.

From £14 per child

  • One hour activity set high above the forest floor, Nets Adventure is designed to test stamina and balance.
  • Available at 3 locations.

Supervision ratio: One adult can supervise up to five children aged 6-15 from the ground or on the activity.

Treetop Challenge


Treetop Challenge is suitable for Key Stages 3 - 4.

From £20 per child

  • 2-3 hour experience featuring Tarzan Swings, zip wires and wobbly obstacles that build confidence, teamwork and communication.
  • 10 locations across the UK.

Supervision ratio: One participating adult can supervise up to 2 children aged 10-15. Please note that supervision takes place on the course.

On the ground



Baboonzled is suitable for Key Stages 1-2.

From £8 per child for primary schools and £10 for secondary schools.

  • 1 hour activity available at 25 locations.
  • Age-appropriate activity for children 8 and above. The brand-new board game boasts an hour of exciting physical and mental challenges.

Supervision ratio: We recommend one adult for 10 children.

Team Games

Group of children playing ground based game on Go Ape school trip


Team Games are suitable for Key Stages 3 & 4.

From £10 per child.

  • Age-appropriate games and challenges for young people 11 years and above.
  • Tasks will test students physically and cognitively, requiring them to step outside of the comfort zone, whilst fostering communication skills and creativity.
  • 25 locations across the UK.

Supervision ratio: We recommend one adult for 10 children.

Gorilla Games

Gorilla Games


Gorilla Games is suitable for Key Stages 1 - 4.

From £8 per child.

  • Age-appropriate games for children 6 and above that develop key life skills; communication, leadership and teamwork.
  • 25 locations across the UK.

Supervision ratio: We recommend one adult for 10 children.

Home education Days

Returning in 2024, Go Ape Home Education Days give you and your family the opportunity to meet fellow Home Educators and enjoy an outdoor experience in the trees.

At selected locations, you will have the choice of either our Treetop Adventure, Treetop Adventure Plus or Treetop Challenge courses. Participants will receive the discounted school rate, starting at £14pp for our Treetop Adventure course.

"My son is not a natural at such things [high ropes challenges] so found it quite hard to start with, though he very much wanted to do it. However, your staff were very supportive, they allowed him to watch others go before him [down the zip wire] and suggested ways he could make it easier. He didn't do it the first time but after going round the second circuit, an achievement in itself as the swing bridge and cargo net were outside his comfort zone, he managed the [zip] slide then did the first circuit and [zip] slide again much faster. He said at the end he felt invincible which for a child who suffers from a lot of anxiety is priceless."


The Benefits of Go Ape School Trips

At Go Ape, we believe in the value of outdoor learning and the many benefits it offers pupils. Here's why you should choose a Go Ape school trip:

  • Resilience and Confidence Building

    Choosing Go Ape for your school trip means providing your pupils with a memorable experience that combines adventure, education, and fun. Our seasoned instructors will support them as they take on challenging obstacles, teach them valuable skills, and inspire confidence and achievement.

  • Connecting with nature

    Our outdoor learning experience offers a unique opportunity for pupils to connect with nature and explore the outdoors. Studies show that spending time in nature boosts creativity, improves concentration, and promotes overall well-being among children.

  • Affordable School Trips

    Our activities starting from just £14 per child, ensuring accessibility for schools with varying budgets.

  • Teamwork and Life Skills

    Go Ape adventures emphasise teamwork, allowing students to acquire valuable life skills that extend beyond the classroom. Pupils can learn about risk assessment, problem-solving, communication, and collaboration whilst having fun outdoors.

Free Learning Resources

We want to help you maximise your educational trip to Go Ape! Check out our free, printable activities that can make outdoor learning a breeze.

Children team building at Go Ape.Children team building at Go Ape.

The Booking Process

When planning your school trip to Go Ape, we want the process to be smooth and easy.

Simply contact our events team to check availability and to book your adventure. To do this you can either request a quote online through our School page or call the team direct on 01284 852229.

When you book with us, you will receive a personal events coordinator who will help you plan the perfect adventure for you and your tribe.

Top Tips

Location-Specific Information, Accessibility, and Travel Advice

To ensure a smooth school trip, we provide detailed information on each location's accessibility, including car parking facilities, public transport links, and any specific requirements you may have.

Our website also offers travel advice to help you plan your journey and make the most of your visit.

What to wear

We believe that there is no such thing as bad weather! Rain just makes our courses even more fun and interesting – and creates muddy puddles which are great for jumping in! However, since our British climate can be unpredictable, we recommend making sure that your group is prepared.

Wear clothes you don’t mind getting grubby, bring along a raincoat or mac and make sure you are wearing sturdy footwear. Shoes should not be able to fall off easily and should offer protection to your toes and heels. Please do not wear sandals, flip flops, Crocs or high heel shoes.

Your stomach area will need to be covered to prevent the harness rubbing, and long hair must be tied back to prevent entanglements in the equipment.

Find out more through our handy blog, how to prepare for a Go Ape adventure

Still have more questions? Check out the full schools information pack.


We know how important it is to hear from those who have experienced our school trips first-hand. Here are some testimonials from teachers and pupils who have had unforgettable adventures with us:

Great team building and resilience opportunity

"All of our group took part and conquered many fears about heights. Our young people were joyful and also helped each other with top tips on how to complete certain sections. It was a great team building and resilience opportunity."

The site is tremendous – the emphasis on safety was clearly instinctive and absolutely natural

"Thank you for facilitating a great trip for us. Your staff were excellent, striking a very happy, appropriate rapport with our guys; the site is tremendous – the emphasis on safety was clearly instinctive and absolutely natural, and all the more impressive for that – and while it provided good opportunities for being supportive and breaking some boundaries, fundamentally we had a lot of fun, which was great when all around they are being beset by exam pressures." 

wonderful with the children and they would all like to return

"Our time at Haldon was the brilliant and the children absolutely loved the Treetop Adventure. The Go Ape team at the Haldon Site were wonderful with the children and they would all like to return!"

Experience the thrill of a Go Ape school trip!

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