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NEW: Treetop Challenge Xpress

At Alexandra Palace you can now get your Treetop Challenge fix in half the time with our new Treetop Challenge Xpress. Get your adrenalin kicks from the sky high crossings and take a leap of faith on the Tarzan Swing and the infamous Plummet; a 46ft high sheer drop designed to to test your comfort zone.

We put the thrill into thrill seeker on Treetop Challenge Xpress at Ally Pally.

16+ regular price: £29
Under 15 regular price: £25

Prices from: £25

Adventure Overview

  • Safety

    Continuous Belay

  • Duration

    90 minutes

  • Difficulty

    Go Easy/Moderate

  • Highest Platform


  • Longest Zip


  • Maximum Weight

    20.5 stone (130kg)

  • Minimum Age

    10 years old

  • Minimum Height

    1.4m (4ft 7")

Practical information

  • Really great day for the kids. They were nervous at first but once we had the guide join them at the top, they were fine. My little one is only 6 so I did think they would have a guide from the start. I was supporting from the ground, but you do really need a little support with you, at the top. On the third bit he got a little stuck in the rope with his feet, which caused a small queue of about 8 other kids to build up behind him. This is when the guide came along and from that moment they were all fine! So overall a really fun and exciting day. I would only comment that a guide should be present, at the top, leading the little ones through. There were many very friendly staff, but all on the ground . Great day.


  • We had the best 3 hours at Alexandra Palace. The youngsters running were amazing especially James!!! Love The Tills

    Dawn Taylor

  • Fantastic laugh, and a bit scary ! Steve was our guide, who showed us what to do, worked out our kit and answered our questions. There was a massive family ahead of us who were quite scared and very slow. So Steve moved us about a bit so we didn't have to wait to long. Must also mention Zoe who was very helpful and a good laugh as well. Best Gary, Camilla, Stanley, And Billy

    Gary Owen

  • If you've been to another GoApe before this won't be quite what you're expecting! It's very good in its own right, but this is a high ropes course and not the forest adventure you may have previously experienced! It's got 3 levels of all different obstacles to keep you challenged. Definitely more fun to stick with your group and see how everyone else gets on and have a laugh together! You could speed off, but you will be done before you know it!

    Steve B

  • Lovely staff. Felt safe. Would have preferred a woodland setting. Spent 2 1/2 hours there which we thought justified the £130 cost. Edit: for 4 of us!

    Sarah England

  • We really enjoyed our advanture with GO APES. A lot of fun and on the end we were so proud to us. We will go again.