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Treetop Challenge

With a dizzyingly high zip line of 260m, it’s no wonder that Cannock Chase attracts some of the most intrepid thrill-seekers looking to lose themselves in the experience offered at this challenging site. The high ropes course has the longest combined length of crossings out of all our locations, with nearly 1,500 metres of tree-to-tree travel to give you the ultimate adrenaline rush.  If you’re over 10-years-old, you can pit yourself against friends and family and test your collective nerve with the Slack Line and Rollers obstacles. Easily three hours of both challenge and triumph.

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Prices: £34

go ape tree top challenge activity restrictions
go ape tree top challenge participation ratios

One participating adult (18+) can supervise up to two children aged 10 to 15 years while on the course.

practical information

Adventure Overview

  • Safety

    Self Belay

  • Duration

    2-3 hours

  • Difficulty

    Go Moderate

  • Highest Platform


  • Longest Zip


  • Maximum Weight

    20.5 stone (130kg)

  • Minimum Age

    10 years old

  • Minimum Height

    1.4m (4ft 7")

  • It was great fun and good on security. Definitely will do it again and recommend Cannock.

    Claire Blanchard

  • Excellent day out. Jack and Michelle were both extremely helpful and accommodating to our needs, with a member of our group been deaf.


  • Had a great time, the only downside was nervous adults in front slowing us down - it took over 3 hours to complete and an awful lot of that was spent waiting on platforms, staff even had to come up to the nervous person twice to help her through. Unsure why an adult would choose this activity without accompanying children when clearly not getting any enjoyment from it! Staff were great and teens enjoyed their session.

    Vicky Jackson

  • Awesome experience and day trip. No prior knowledge needed, everything is taught from scratch, there were people with us the whole way through the course to give instruction and tips if needed. Everyone was really friendly, Definately jealous of their job! Forgot to ask for their speed record for the course as they must have done it a few times😂

    Rozz Stearn

  • Instructor was great, everyone else was very helpful. And we had so much fun, even when I fluffed it on the cargo net. Instructor gave words of encouragement and helped me up. Heard support being given to another person who was having a bit of a wobble, they were very calming, patient and supportive. Definitely coming back to beat that cargo net!

    Emma Duggins

  • Fantastic day out, staff brilliant & course great!!